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Beez Combat Introduces Padded Hydration Harness

Beez Combat Solutions has just introduced a new Padded Hydration Harness that works with their chest rigs. As the name implies, the new harness is designed to allow the user to ingrate a hydration carrier with their AK47, AK74, Recon, 762 and Combloc chest rigs.

The harness is lightly padded to improve comfort. It features a very cleverly executed drag handle that lays flat and out of the way until needed. There are a total of 3 rows and 6 columns of MOLLE webbing on the rear of the harness. The top 2 rows have loop material sewn on so the user can affix patches and identification. The shoulder pads also feature 2 routing points on each for managing comm cables and hydration tubes.

Read more about the new Padded Hydration Harness on the Beez Combat Blog.

Review: Shellback Tactical Shoulder Pad Set

The Shellback Tactical Banshee Plate Carrier is now widely known as a tremendous value in the plate carrier market. When I reviewed it, I was blown away by the combination of quality, features, and functionality that it offers for the relatively low price. Shortly after I purchased my Banshee PC, Shellback Tactical introduced a set of shoulder pads that were made for the Banshee (and other plate carriers that Shellback Tactical offers) that promised to make an already comfortable PC, even more comfortable. I had to try them so I purchased a set while they were on sale.

The shoulder pads have a wrap-around design that makes them very easy to install and remove. They offer quite a bit of padding – enough that you will likely have to adjust the shoulder straps to get the plates to ride at the same height as they did without the shoulder pads. The inside of wrap around portion of the pads is lined with rubber no-slip material which does a good job of locking them in place.

Each pad has 3 elastic loops that can be used for routing cables or hydration tubes. The loops are generously sized enough that you can pass the mouthpiece of a hydration tube through them fairly easily. If you don’t want or need the elastic loops, they can be trimmed off easily.

These pads are very comfortable. They provide quite a bit of additional padding in both thickness and length. The design is such that the padded piece is much longer than the wrap-around portion. This allows the shoulder pad to bridge the gap between the pads on the Banshee’s build in shoulder pads.

I really haven’t noticed any difference in the mobility of the plate carrier with the pads installed. I also haven’t noticed any change at all in how the rifle is shouldered with the additional padding. The extremely compact design of the Banshee (which is part of what makes it great) is basically not changed in any noticeable or functional way by these shoulder pads except for the additional comfort.

Given the versatility of the simple wrap-around design, these shoulder pads will fit many other plate carriers from other manufacturers. They are not limited to use with just Shellback Tactical’s plate carriers.

Overall, I am very pleased with the extra measure of comfort that these pads provide. They are versatile enough to work with many carriers but seem to be very clearly designed to work well with the Banshee.

Check out the Shoulder Pads at ShellbackTactical.com.

Review: Echo Nine Three Dual Mode Sling (DMS)

Slings can be very simple. Some do little more than tie your rifle to your body. Slings can also be very complex with various sliders, clips, buckles, tabs, adjustments, and more. The Echo Nine Three Dual Mode Sling (DMS) is neither very simple nor very complex. It splits the difference by offering fairly basic sling functionality with a dash of modern features.


The Echo Nine Three DMS is a sling that designed to work with the Echo Nine Three Sling Plates and the standard front sling attachment of your typical AKM. It attaches via HK style snap hooks. It also offers the ability to configure the sling as a 2 point or single point sling on the fly via a piece of custom hardware that acts as a hub and allows you to attach the front snap hook to the sling itself.

The DMS is a bit different in concept than most 2 to 1 point convertible slings. Most of them are built to be 2-point slings that can function as a 1-point when needed. The DMS is designed to be a 1-point that can function as a 2-point. The 1-point functionality is the emphasis of the DMS. As a result, the 2-point sling functionality is pretty basic.

This custom piece of hardware is the key to the dual mode functionality of the DMS.

Observations from Use

The hardware makes the DMS sling work. The HK style snap hooks work very well with the AK front sling mount and the Echo Nine Three Sling Plates. They also work very well with the custom hub hardware that Echo Nine Three uses to give the DMS its 2 to 1 point functionality.

Converting the DMS to 1-point configuration is as easy as attaching the snap hook to the hub.

The DMS sits very comfortably in both configurations but really shines as a 1-point sling. It is successful as a 1 point sling thanks to how well the snap hook interfaces with the custom hub piece. The hub has straight sections instead of being rounded. These straight sections seem to encourage everything to lay flat and hold the 3 intersecting sections of the sling at comfortable angles.

In 2-point configuration, the DMS is basically just a strap. It lacks any type of quick adjustment that would allow transitions. This is due to the 1-point first design of the DMS. 2-point configuration basically just serves as a more stable carry option. If the user thinks they will need to do a lot of transitioning from shoulder to shoulder, they should put the DMS in 1-point mode and transition to their hearts content.

The DMS is designed to work with the standard AK sling mounting point at the front…

and with an Echo Nine Three Sling Plates as the rear mounting point (though it will work with any application that will accept snap hooks).

The webbing that I used has somewhat harsh edges. I carried an AK using the sling for full day of training and several other shorter sessions without issue but some users may find the edges of the webbing to be harsh against their skin. On the plus side, the webbing is fairly slick which allows it to slide easily as you manipulate your AK.

There were no durability issues at all with the DMS except for the paint wearing off the snap hooks which is to be expected. The construction quality is excellent with heavy stitching and box stitches locking everything in place. It is hard to imagine that this sling won’t last a long, long time.

I did find that the tri-glide that is used to adjust sling length can slip a bit as you are donning the sling – especially if the sling is in 2-point configuration. I am not sure if this is happens due to the tri-glide or because the webbing is fairly slick. It doesn’t slip while the sling is in use and the webbing is pulled tight. It really only happens when you are donning the sling. It happened enough to be mildly annoying. Thankfully, the tri-glide slides well enough that it is easy to adjust even when you are wearing the sling (if you lift the AK slightly to give the sling some slack).

Echo Nine Three DMS in 2-point configuration.

Wrap Up

The best thing about the DMS is its simplicity. Even though it has the modern 2 to 1 point convertible feature, it is still very simple in its individual configurations. The custom hub hardware works very well with the snap hooks and the DMS itself works very well with the Echo Nine Three Sling Plates. If you are primarily a 2-point sling user, then the DMS may not be for you. If you are primarily a 1-point sling user but are looking for something with a more stable carry option, then this will be right up your alley.

Check out the DMS on Echo93.com.

Fight and Flight Tactical 5×3 Hybrid Patch Panel

The Hybrid Patch Panel product line from Fight and Flight Tactical is now one product larger. The new 5×3 Hybrid Panel is the latest entry into this versatile line-up.

The 5×3 is sized to carry a single AR-15 (or similar) magazine or other items that will fit like smart phones. Of course, it also still does a great job of displaying patches. It comes with a shock cord (bungee) retainer for use with a rifle magazine and a webbing strap for securing smaller items.

Check out the latest Hybrid Patch Panel from Fight and Flight Tactical.

BCS AK47 Chest Rig

The Beez Combat Systems (BCS) AK47 Chest Rig has now been around for about a year. In that time, it has seen use in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other countries around the world.

There are a few key features that seem to be the reason for the popularity of this rig. First, it is very low profile – low profile enough to wear over a plate carrier without excess bulk. Second, the buyer can choose whether they would like a 3, 4, 5, 6, or even 7 magazine configuration. Third, the pull forward design of the harness makes adjusting the rig easy, even while you are wearing it.

BCS continues to listen to end user feedback to refine this design. Check their post about 1 year with the AK47 Chest Rig on the BCS Blog.

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