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New from Stout Gear Knives: The Kestrel

The newest design from Stout Gear Knives has landed. The Kestrel is billed as a compact (compact is a relative term here) bushcraft/bird and trout knife that offers a more svelte alternative to Stout Gear’s other full-sized field knife, the Ibex. The Kestrel is still sized like a full-sized field knife with its 4.25″ blade but is both thinner (.170″ versus .190″) and shorter in blade height than the Ibex.

stout gear kestrel

The Kestrel is available in your choice of S35VN stainless steel or CPM3V steel. Both of these steels are very tough and should hold a working edge long for a long time especially with Stout Gear’s convex grind with mirror polished edge. The hand filling handle is available with your choice of G-10 or TeroTuf scales and the spine is squared to throw sparks well on the ferro rod. Like all Stout Gear Knives, the Kestrel comes with one of the best kydex sheaths you’ll ever use. I can’t emphasize enough how unique and functional their sheaths are.

I own a Stout Gear Knives Ibex that is one of my most used chore knives. As much as I like it, I likely would have opted for the Kestrel had it been available. Stout Gear does a great job with the geometry of their knives and the thinner stock used on the Kestrel should make it a great cutter while still being more than stout enough for chores.

Check out the Kestrel at Stout Gear Knives.

stout gear kestrel spine

Stout Gear Knives Redesigns the Oxe

Stout Gear Knives just introduced the Oxe V2. The original Oxe sported a slightly recurve blade and filled the large camp knife niche in their line. The new Oxe V2 still works as a large camp knife but it’s chopping credentials have been beefed up with a more radical recurve blade and new flatter grind geometry.

Stour Gear Knives Oxe V2

The new blade is not only more radically recurved at the cutting edge but it also has a recurved spine. The new shape looks great and puts the point more forward in the chopping stroke almost like a kukri. The blade is ground from 1/4″ thick S35VN steel, 10.5″ long, and is nearly 2″ tall from edge to spine so it confirms to most chopping competition regulations. Like nearly all Stout Gear Knives, the Oxe 2.0 has a large contoured handle with an integral guard.

The sheaths that Stout Gear includes with their knives are excellent. They use a unique construction method that features a welt like you find in a leather sheath. The outer parts of the sheath are molded kydex and the welt is fitted HDPE.

Check out Stout Gear Knives.

Stour Gear Knives Oxe V2 handle

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