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Latest Design from Stickthison – Sauer Patch Kids

Come for the candy. Stay for the guns.

Stickthison just released their latest design, Sauer Patch Kids, in patch and sticker form. The PVC patches are 3.5″ by 2.8″ with a hook backing. The stickers come in a 2 pack.

Check them out at Stickthison.com:

Patch: https://stickthison.com/collections/morale-patches/products/sauer-patch-kids-morale-patch

Stickers: https://stickthison.com/collections/accessories/products/sauer-patch-kids-sticker

Free Random Patch with All Orders at Stickthison

Stickthison must be feeling some Christmas spirit. They are throwing in a free random patch with all orders. This sale runs through the end of the year so you have plenty of time to order the patch you want and then give the rando to a friend (or stranger) for Christmas.

All they ask is that you don’t be a jerk a split up your order in an attempt to get a bunch of free patches.


Stickthison – The Office Patch

Do you like Boogaloo memes? Of course, you do… you’re on the internet. Do you like morale patches? Of course, you do… all your jackets and backpacks have loop Velcro fields that aren’t going to cover themselves. The newest patch from Stickthison features everyone’s favorite couple from Scranton, PA.


Emotional Support Uzi Morale Patch from Stickthison.com

The biggest problem with emotional support animals is that they aren’t Emotional Support Uzis. Science knows this and Stickthison.com knows this. The good news is that you don’t have to live another day without your own Emotional Support Uzi. It’s almost as easy to buy on the internet than those sketchy support dog papers for your mutt.


Sound of BRRRT Design from Stickthison

The hills are alive with the sound of… submachine guns.

The Sound of BRRRT design from Stickthison features everyone’s favorite postulant nun twirling through the alps in an epic, dual-wielding MP5 death blossom (this could be the most exciting sentence I have ever written). The design is available in patch form, as you would expect from Stickthison. It is also available in full color or line art t-shirts.


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