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Stickthison Unity AR Full Size Patch

Stickthison has used their stolen WonkaVision technology to embiggenate another patch and, guess what? You want one.

The new Unity AR Full Size patch is just like every other PVC patch you have except for the fact that this one is actually cool… and it is 15″ wide. This hook-backed monstrosity is limited to just 100 pieces and it will make your gun room 150% cooler. You’ll need to act fast if you want one.


Latest Design from Stickthison: Trump Isn’t Pro Gun

Legislative and Executive Actions speak louder than words.

The newest design from Stickthison is sure to start some conversions when you are out and about… not that anyone goes out anymore. The Trump Isn’t Pro Gun design provides 100% of your daily dose of 1980’s nostalgia and is available in patch, sticker, and t-shirt form.


StickThisOn.com Velcro Morale Patch Hat

Most “tactical’ hats have a roughly 3″ x 2” loop field for attaching patches. What if the patch you want to attach is larger than that or maybe an non-standard shape? StickThisOn.com designed their new Velcro Morale Patch Hat to give the wearer more flexibility in the patches they display and how they display them.

The new hat is a 6 panel, trucker style with mesh sides and a snap back. The front 2 panels of the hat are made entirely from loop material. That is a lot of patch real estate.

The Velcro Morale Patch Hat is limited to 100 pieces. Each hat comes with a free patch of your choice.


Note: At that time of this writing, the Velcro Morale Patch Hat shows “out of stock” because it has not been released. It will be available soon.

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