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Fish & Fire – Coming Soon from Spool Tool

Spool Tool announced their upcoming Fish & Fire cordage. It features a normal para-cord sheath wrapped around jute (for tinder), fishing line, the normal para-cord inner strands.

spool tool fish fire

There are already similar products on the market but this type of cordage makes sense to be offered with the Spool Tool. The Spool Tool itself can serve as an improvised reel with the fishing line and the on board lighter can be used with the jute tinder. It should make for a very slick package.

Spool Tool at Vigilant Gear

Vigilant Gear is now carrying the Spool Tool. If you aren’t familiar, Spool Tool helps you keep your paracord organized and accessible for projects. It has an integral cutting blade and mini-Bic lighter holder for when it comes time to melt the ends of your paracord project.

Check out the Spool Tool at Vigilant Gear.


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