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Spiritus Systems SENKO Belt

The SENKO Belt is a new, non-reinforced belt from Spiritus Systems. If you are looking for a belt that is beefy enough to support a holster but not so stiff as to be uncomfortable for all day wear, this could be an option.

The SENKO features a low profile metal buckle that allows very fine adjustment. It is 1.7″ wide and is available in any color your want as long as its Multicam Black. There are three sizes based on actual waist measurement so be sure to follow sizing recommendations when ordering.

SENKO Belt at SpiritusSystems.com

Persec Gear Zipsert

The Spiritus System Micro Fight Chest Rig is a great chest rig. It’s compact, scalable, and extremely modular… so modular in fact, other gear makers are beginning to make add-on items to support it. Persec Gear out of Canada makes a great item called the Zipsert for those who are allergic to hook and loop.

The Zipsert is a custom made insert that turns the front flap covered pockets on the Micro Fight Chassis into zipper closed pockets. The user simply tucks the Zipsert into the top of the pouch where it is secured with hook and loop. Now the pouch may be accessed with the sewn in zipper.

Check out the Zipsert at PersecGear.ca.

The Hook from Spiritus Systems

It’s just an HK style snap hook attached to some hook and loop material but the Hook from Spiritus Systems might be the handiest piece of gear you’ll see all day. The hook allows you to quickly retain and retrieve gloves, hearing protection, chemlights, fuzzy dice, or anything else with a built in loop (or a loop that you add yourself).

If you are using the Hook with a Spiritus Systems chest rig, you simply affix it to the hook field on the back of the chest rig. This would also work with just about any chest rig that uses the SwiftClip method of docking on a plate carrier. Speaking of plate carriers, it could also be sandwiched into your plate carrier’s cummerbund. It could also be added to a loop field inside a backpack or any number of other places.

Check out the Hook at Spiritus Systems.

Spiritus Systems to Introduce Expander Wings for Micro Fight Chest Rig

Spiritus Systems’s little chest rig that could, the Micro Fight Chest Rig, is about to learn some new tricks. They will be introducing Expander Wings to further increase the modularity and versatility of the Micro Fight.

The Expander Wings secure to the rig via large Velcro wings that attach to the back of the Micro Fight Chest Rig. The lat straps can then be routed through webbing on the Expander Wings to ensure a secure connection. The Expander Wings have an open top pouch design with shock cord retainers that will allow the user to carry radios, tourniquets, water bottles, and more.

Look for the Expander Wings to be released soon at dealers and at SpiritusSystems.com.

Spiritus Systems Micro Fight Chest Rig MK3

Spiritus Systems has taken the wraps off the latest batch of upgrades to their Micro Fight Chest Rig. The new Micro Fight Chest Rig MK3 boasts several improvements including the ability to carry more magazines while still retaining the slim design for which it is known.

MK3 Improvements:

  • Both internal pockets are now lined with loop material
  • Both internal pockets now have drain holes
  • Both internal pockets can accept magazine inserts due to the addition of loop material
  • Refined geometry for a sleeker design

The Micro Fight Chest Rig MK3s will be available this evening at SpiritusSystems.com

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