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Spikes Tactical Dynacomp 2

Spikes Tactical has released a new version of their Dynacomp muzzle device – the Dynacomp 2. Like the original, the Dynacomp 2 features ball dimple gas ports, stainless steel construction, and a heavy blast wall on the front of the device. However, the new version features a redesigned crenelated front and it is available with two finish options: Melonite and Nickel Boron.



Smith Enterprise Vortex Shorty

The Smith Enterprise Vortex was the first flash suppressor that I ever purchased. At the time, nothing else could really match its flash reduction performance. I can still remember testing it during a night shoot and being in absolute awe of it. I still have that first Vortex on a semi-precision AR-15 where it performs very, very well even after who knows how many thousands of rounds. Believe it or not, this post isn’t about that first Vortex Flash Suppressor. It is about a new version that I recently came across.

Spike’s Tactical sells an exclusive Vortex Shorty! It has a shorter 1.75″ overall length compared to the original Vortex’s 2.25″ overall length. If it has similar flash suppression capability, this may be just the ticket for those who want a more compact flash suppressor.


Spike’s Tactical AK Dynacomps

Spike’s Tactical is now making their Dynacomp for the most common AK thread patterns: M14x1 LH, M24x1.5 RH, and M26x1.5 LH (Yugo).

The Dynacomp reduces muzzle climb and felt recoil without being as obnoxiously loud as some brake (that is not to say that they are quiet). The Dynacomp is machined from 416 stainless steel which, coupled with the black Melonite finish, should make it very corrosion and wear resistant. They also have 4 detent notches which is a very nice thing when you are trying to get your muzzle device as snug as possible to reduce rattle.

Check them out at SpikesTactical.com.

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