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Sosby Blades Wedge – A Mini Review and Customer Service Story

I purchased a Sosby Blades Wedge almost two years ago. It is an excellent knife that pulls off being both very compact and very hand-filling. The handle locks into the hand via a generous choil and works in any grip which can be achieved directly out of the well-designed sheath. The design of the blade places the needle-like tip exactly where it should be for piercing. This knife is a compact, self-defense powerhouse with decent utility.

There was just one small problem… I purchased my Wedge secondhand and the previous owner decided to give it what appeared to be a Worksharp edge. It was well polished and sharp but it looked like they lingered too long in one spot because there was an inward curve to the edge. I don’t mean something like a graceful recurve or hawksbill-style edge… it was like a shallow angle. This made it just about impossible to lay the edge down on a stone for sharpening.

I contacted Sosby Blades asking if I could pay to have the edge reground and was totally open about having purchased the knife secondhand. Sosby Blades was concerned that too much stock had already been removed which would change the intended geometry of the knife so rather than letting me pay for a repair, they offered to replace the knife at no cost. Needless to say, I was impressed.

Sosby Blades is a custom maker that releases knives in batches. They have stock right now on some of their most popular knives. Check out their website: https://sosbyblades.com/

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