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Shield Arms Opens Preorders for S15 Magazines – 15 Round Magazine for the Glock 43X and 48

If the idea of a Glock 43X or 48 with 15 round capacity is exciting to you, you likely remember our previous post on the Shield Arms S15 Magazines. It has been a while since news of the magazines first got out but it appears their release is now closer than ever. Shield Arms has opened preorders for the magazines.

The S15 Magazines have a capacity of 15 rounds and they fit flush in Glock 43X and 48 handguns. We also now know that will require (or at least strongly recommend) the use of an aluminum mag catch which is also available from Shield Arms.

The S15 magazines will cost $40 each and Shield Arms is offering a number of packages that include multiple mags and/or mag catches that will save a few bucks. Magazines are expected to begin shipping in October.


Shield Arms S15 – 15 Round, Flush-Fit, Metal Mags for Glock 43X/48

Shield Arms is known for making a number of magazine extensions but it looks like they are also trying to bring a new magazine to market. The S15 is a metal magazine with a 15 round capacity and that fits flush in Glock 43Xs and 48s. That’s right… 15 rounds, flush-fit.

Glock magazines do not usually make very good use of space due to their polymer over metal magazine body construction. The 43X and 48, in particular, have a lot of unused space inside the magazine well. It has been shown online that steel magazines with a 15 round capacity like those from a CZ Compact do in fact fit in the 43X/48 magazine well so the concept of a flush fit, 15 round magazine is not far fetched at all.

The Shield Arms currently shows these magazines at out of stock (not released yet) but they list pricing at $39.95. They have stated that they are working toward a summer release for the S15 mags. If they can pull this off, it may turn into one of those cases where the popularity of an accessory drives the sales of the gun instead of vice versa.


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