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Shaerkfingers from Shaerks Knives

The Schrade Sharpfinger (152OT) is an absolute classic fixed blade knife from a time when people knew the value of a good trailing point knife. It is still in production but the Schrade company exists in name only and the venerable Sharpfinger is only a shadow of what it once was due to poor workmanship and low quality components. Thankfully, we have small knife makers like Shaerks Knives to stand in the gap.

Shaerks Knives is best know for their Mook model, an all around knife that bridges the gap from the outdoorsman and hunter to the tactical and survival markets. However, they also make the Shaerkfinger which is a custom knife made in the spirit of the original Schrade Sharpfinger. Like the original, it features 1095 carbon steel and a super fine, upswept point that is great for opening up anything from panfish and small squirrels to larger game like deer. While it may not look like a tactical knife, it has tremendous versatility for everything from EDC to survival. It is a classic design for a reason.


I used to have a Sharpfinger that I had worked over by Bark River knives with black canvas micarta, red fiber liners, mosaic pins, and their full convex edge. I dearly miss that knife so I may just have to get in touch with Shaerks Knives about a suitable replacement.

This is yet another example of why we cover so many mom and pop shops here on JTT. There are small businesses out there making cool stuff the right way. Seek these businesses out and see what they have to offer!

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