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Why a Tomahawk? – RMJ Tactical


RMJ Tactical has compiled an interesting resource regarding the ways you might use a tomahawk and how to choose one for yourself. Interestingly, the information contained in the resource does not necessarily steer you to an RMJ product. There are a number of tomahawk makers out there offering ‘hawks at varying price points. This resource might just help you ask the right questions when you are shopping.

Check out Why a Tomahawk? at RMJ Tactical.

Iron Ulu from RMJ Tactical

When you think RMJ Tactical, you think tomahawks but their latest product definitely isn’t a tomahawk… It’s a ulu and, in a way, that makes sense. Ulus are kind of like an axe or tomahawk without a pole and can be used in surprisingly similar ways if you know what you are doing.


While most ulus are made for skinning and food prep, the new Iron Ulu is made for survival. It’s ground from 1/4″ thick 4140 steel, the same tough carbon steel used in RMJ Tactical’s Jenny Wren tomahawk. It features a sniper gray finish and machined texture tan, gray, black G-10 grips.

It also comes with a full-coverage kydex sheath. RMJ Tactical’s sheaths/scabbards are always very well designed and the Iron Ulu’s sheath is no exception. It features the same hole spacing as their tomahawk sheaths so you have plenty of mounting options.

This is not the small souvenir ulu you have seen on your aunt Lucille’s counter-top after her RV trip to Alaska. The Iron Ulu has a massive 6.25″+ blade. It is purposely designed to be large so that part of it can be reserved for finer, detail cuts and the rest of it can be abused.

Check out the Iron Ulu at RMJ Tactical.


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