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Fortis Shift Short Angled Grip – KeyMod

The original versions of the Fortis Shift Angled Grips were radical departures from the traditional forward grips. Their minimalistic, skeletonized design, organic shapes, and great ergonomics really set them apart. Now, Fortis has introduced the next logical progression for the Shift – the Shift Short Angled Grip – Keymod.

Fortis shift keymod 1

The new version, as you might have guessed from the name, is a KeyMod compatible version of the original Shift Short Angled Grip. It is machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, hard anodized, and weighs just 2.1 ounces. The new Fortis Shift Short Angled Grip – KeyMod is being introduced initially through REVOLVR.

Fortis shift keymod installed

Revolvr – Public Beta Launch

revolvr appWouldn’t it be nice to buy and sell gear via an app on your smart phone? Wouldn’t it be great if the payment system for the gear was built right into the app and was administered by a gun friendly payment gateway? Wouldn’t it be even better if the entire system was run by people you already know and trust? If you thought any of that sounded good, you need to get familiar with Revolvr.

Revolvr is very much like a gun-centric version of Craigslist. Revolvr users will be able to list their gear for free and the app is free but there is a small fee taken from the sale of each item. The mobile design of Revolvr should streamline selling your gear quite a bit since everything from taking pictures to handling payment happens right on your mobile device. Speaking of handling payments, Revolvr has partnered with PistolPay to allow users the ability to accept credit card payments in the app.

You already know the people behind Revolvr and you can rest assured they are pro 2A. John and Paul Hwang of Rainier Arms (and many other ventures) have been working with a gentleman named Tony Bristol, who has considerable mobile development under his belt to develop Revolvr.Revolvr

Initially, Revolvr will be available on mobile devices only but a website will be developed later. It will be available for Android users first and then iOS. The official public beta version launches on February 10th.

Check out Revolver’s website and their Facebook page.

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