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Redwire Gear Emergency Management Rack

Redwire Gear’s Emergency Management Rack is a compact chest rig with some unique functionality. The rig features a laser cut 6 column PALS layout. It comes with a webbing H-harness and lat strap.

The H-harness is attached to the chest rig via side release buckles. This allows the Emergency Management Rack to be docked onto compatible plate carriers with industry standard QASM buckles.

The Emergency Management Rack takes this docking functionality a step further. It can be attached to plate carriers that don’t even have QASM buckles. The male buckles are attached to the rig via One-Wrap straps. This means that the buckles may be removed and the rack may be docked directly to a plate carrier by looping the One-Wrap over PALS webbing on the upper front plate pocket (see image below).

Pre-orders are open now. RedwireGear.com

Redwire Gear MK82 Pouch

Redwire Gear’s MK82 Pouch is a blow out pouch that designed to be worn on the back of a belt. This is a compact, low profile pouch designed to hold a chest seal, 4″ compression bandage, TK4L TQ, and hemostatic gauze. It can be accessed by either of the wearer’s hands by simply pulling down to release the insert that holds the first aid items. Once free from the pouch, the insert may be used or handed off to someone else who needs it.

The MK82 Pouch is designed for belt carry but it offers a number of carry options in addition to the lower back position for which it is designed. In its standard form, it is fully MOLLE compatible for use on a “battle belt” or any other MOLLE compatible surface. Red Wire Gear offers accessory injection molded belt clips for mounting the MK82 on a standard belt. Its compact dimensions also make it easy to stow in a range bag or pack.

Check out the MK82 Pouch at Redwire Gear.

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