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Phase 5 Arm Brace Stops

SB Tactical’s Stabilizing Braces have been nothing short of game changing. If you have one, you know that they can rotate slightly on the receiver extension during use unless they are butted up directly against the rear of the receiver. If you want to mount the brace further back, there wasn’t much you could do to keep the brace from rotating… until now.

Phase 5 is now offering a line of Brace Stops. They offer two models – the ABS-SB15 for the SB-15 Brace and the ABS-M which fits several different SB Tactical Stabilizing Braces. Both models clamp to your pistol buffer tube (receiver extension) and prevent both forward and rotational movement of the brace. They also provide a QD sling mounting point.

Check out the Phase 5 Arm Brace Stops at Phase5WSI.com.

Phase 5 Tactical Pistol Completion Kit

Much of the credit for the current popularity of the AR pistol is owed to Phase 5 Tactical (and the SB15 AR Pistol Brace). They have been creating products that are centered around AR pistols since long before the current trend. Suffice it to say, they know a thing or two about AR pistols. That is why their Pistol Completion Kit caught my eye.


The Phase 5 Pistol Completion Kit contains everything you need to turn a stripped lower receiver (that has never been built as a rifle) into an AR Pistol. It contains a one of Phase 5’s excellent pistol uppers which comes assembled, complete with their 7.5” Lo-Pro Slope Nose Quad Rail, and ready to drop on your lower. The kit also includes Phase 5’s lower parts kit and Battle Latch. The kit is topped off with Phase 5’s pistol buffer tube.

Check out the Phase 5 Tactical Pistol Completion Kit at Brownells. There is a current special that will save you $15 when you use the code G2S at checkout (this code works for any purchase of $100 or more).

Phase 5 Hex-2 Pistol Buffer Tube

The new Hex-2 Pistol Buffer Tube from Phase 5 looks like a great option for those using the Sig SB-15 Not-A-Stock. It features a unique hexagonal shape near the receiver end of the tube that matches the contours of the SB-15 and serves as a stand-off to provide additional length of pull. It also utilizes a standard castle nut and end plate which means you have a host of different end plate sling mounting options. The Hex-2 comes with a nifty little cap that turns the empty space at the rear of the SB-15 into a storage compartment for ear plugs, a small bottle of oil, or maybe some Skittles.

Check out the new Hex-2 Pistol Buffer Tube from Phase 5.

Phase 5 Hex-2

Phase 5 CQC Pistol – Forged

AR-15 pistols have come a long way. What was once considered a range toy is being treated with more and more respect. Much of that respect has come due to manufacturers, like Phase 5, who have developed quality parts that make the AR-15 pistol more effective than ever. Phase 5 is now offering their own off-the-shelf AR-15 pistols like the new CQC Pistol – Forged.

Phase 5 CQC

The CQC Pistol – Forged is packed with many of the parts that Phase 5 has developed for the pistol market including their Buffer Tube Assembly, Lo-Pro Slope Nose Quad Rail, and Battle Latch Charging Handle Assembly. The 41v50 steel barrel is 7.5″ long, has a 1 in 7″ twist rate, and features 5.56 chamber with M4 feed ramps.

Check out all the features and specs at Phase5WSI.com.

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