Phase 5 CQC Pistol – Forged

AR-15 pistols have come a long way. What was once considered a range toy is being treated with more and more respect. Much of that respect has come due to manufacturers, like Phase 5, who have developed quality parts that make the AR-15 pistol more effective than ever. Phase 5 is now offering their own off-the-shelf AR-15 pistols like the new CQC Pistol – Forged.

Phase 5 CQC

The CQC Pistol – Forged is packed with many of the parts that Phase 5 has developed for the pistol market including their Buffer Tube Assembly, Lo-Pro Slope Nose Quad Rail, and Battle Latch Charging Handle Assembly. The 41v50 steel barrel is 7.5″ long, has a 1 in 7″ twist rate, and features 5.56 chamber with M4 feed ramps.

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