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Persec Gear Apple Watch Band

Persec Gear’s Apple Watch band is coming soon. The band is constructed from 1″ webbing in all the colors of the tactical rainbow and then some. It features a sewn in lug to attach to the watch. The webbing is then fed through the other lug and adjusted via a metal triglide. The result is a slim, lightweight band that should take whatever you can throw at it.


Persec Gear Zipsert

The Spiritus System Micro Fight Chest Rig is a great chest rig. It’s compact, scalable, and extremely modular… so modular in fact, other gear makers are beginning to make add-on items to support it. Persec Gear out of Canada makes a great item called the Zipsert for those who are allergic to hook and loop.

The Zipsert is a custom made insert that turns the front flap covered pockets on the Micro Fight Chassis into zipper closed pockets. The user simply tucks the Zipsert into the top of the pouch where it is secured with hook and loop. Now the pouch may be accessed with the sewn in zipper.

Check out the Zipsert at PersecGear.ca.

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