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OV Innovations Cache – Available for Pre-order

The Cache, a “beavertail” accessory that is compatible with a variety of EDC and tactical backpacks, is now available for pre-order from OV Innovations. It features a bellowed design that allows it to lay flat when not in use but expand to hold large, bulky items. It is constructed with 500D Cordura and T-70 nylon thread.

This PALS compatible beavertail can be adjusted to fit a large variety of packs. OV Innovations states that the Cache “should fit any pack with at least 6 standard PALS columns on the face or bottom (near the face) and the appropriate upper anchor points.” I suspect that creative gear users will be able to find several ways to attach a gear item this versatile.

Check out the Cache at OV Innovations.

OV Innovations Teeter Pouch

There are already tons of bottle pouches on the market but sometimes the best way to take a fresh look at an existing product is to tear it down to its most basic form. By stripping it down and removing clutter, you often introduce versatility, allowing the end user to explore their own applications. That is exactly what OV Innovations did with their Teeter Pouch – a minimalist, MOLLE compatible bottle pouch with a ton of uses.


The Teeter Pouch is made from FirstSpear’s proprietary 6/12 fabric which is lightweight but very durable. The “pouch” consists of a single panel of material that can be secured to as few as 2 columns and 4 rows of PALS webbing via shockcord that is woven into the PALS webbing itself. The design is so minimalist that the surface the Teeter is attached to serves as the “back” of the pouch and it can be collapsed completely flat when not in use.

This design gives the Teeter Pouch a tremendous amount of adjustability so that it can secure a wide variety of items in addition to the water bottles it is designed to hold. OV Innovations states that it can even serve as a “beaver tail” if attached to the front panel of a pack.

I suspect people will find all sorts of ways to used these pouches. Check out the Teeter Pouch at OV Innovations.

tp_blk4_grande tp_blk5_grande

OV Innovations Gen II Load Lifter Panel Patent Issued

I have said before that the OV Innovations Gen II Load Lifter Panel (LLP) made me fall back in love with my Mystery Ranch NICE Frame. The NICE Frame has a lot going for it but if you are tall or have long torso, you will find that it just isn’t long enough to allow the load lifters to transfer weight to your hips. That is where the Gen II LLP comes in. It acts as a frame extension to add height to the lifters. It’s easy to use, lightweight, and it works.

Congrats to OV Innovations on their recently issued patent for the LLP.

llp patent ov innovations

OV Innovations FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap

Oneiros Valley has changed their name to OV Innovations… probably as a result of people like me constantly misspelling “Oneiros”. Rest assured, the name is the only thing that has changed. They still carry all the great products that you and I have come to love, like the LLP.

They just released the FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap – their first product under the new name. If you own a FILBE, this will save you some headaches.

From OV Innovations:

The USMC Pack (FILBE) Hip Belt webbing strap has a tendency to loosen during use. The new Nonslip Hip Belt Strap from OV Innovations virtually eliminates any chance of slippage, even when the belt is wet. Redundant stitching and the latest ITW Nexus hardware ensure lasting durability. Made in the US of US materials.

Check out the FILBE Nonslip Hip Belt Strap at OV Innovations.

ov innovations filbe belt parts ov innovations filbe belt

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