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Classic American Bushcraft Knives from Ontario Knife Company – Coming Spring 2014

Ontario Knife Company is one of the remnants of a time when America made incredibly well crafted tools right here on our soil. I always pay attention when they bring out something new. They recently shared this photo of some bushcraft classics that they will be releasing in Spring 2014.

Ontario Knives Bushcraft

The knife has a classic bushcraft shape with a spear point blade, small guard, slightly flared pommel, and relatively straight overall form. It certainly looks like a capable knife for a variety of tasks.

The machete is what really has my interest. A well executed machete is likely the most versatile survival tool in existance and Ontario Knife Company knows how to make a machete having made them for the US Military and commercial markets for many years. Their upcoming bushcraft machete has several desirable features including a cutting edge that comes nearly all the way to the handle, a sensible “bush machete” blade profile, a hooked pommel to aid in retention while chopping, and wood slab handles.

Check out Ontario Knife Company.

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