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ODIN Works Gas Block Alignment Marks

Gas block alignment has become a bit of a convoluted process as low-profile gas block proliferate. Some barrels and blocks are designed to seat on the shoulder while others need to be set off the shoulder by the thickness of a handguard cap. On top of that, gas block alignment dimples are still not the norm on most aftermarket barrels which leaves the builder to eyeball the alignment. That usually works… Usually.

ODIN Works has taken a somewhat novel approach. They mark their barrels and their gas blocks with a machined witness mark so the user needs only to align the marks at installation. The block and barrel are setup so the block can sit directly on the shoulder. There is no guess work with this setup.

odin works witness marks

Have you ever had difficulty aligning a low-profile gas block? Would you prefer a dimpled barrel or a witness mark solution as shown here?

Odin Works Tactical Candle Holder

When you look at AR-15 free float rails, it is easy to notice all of the interesting patterns that manufacturers machine into them. Odin Works is putting all of those intricate patterns to good use by letting a candle shine through them.


Their Tactical Candle Holder is obviously inspired by their line of KeyMod free float rails. It features QD sling swivel sockets, KeyMod attachment points, and even a section of picatinny rail. It is designed to hold a tea light (included) but I think it would make a killer pen/pencil holder for your desk too.

Sure, it’s kind of silly but I would put one on my desk. Check out the Tactical Candle Holder at Odin Works.

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