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Occam Defense 1913 Rear Trunnion

Whether you are building from scratch or retrofitting an existing AK to accept any of the 1913 rail compatible stocks or braces on the market, the new 1913 Rear Trunnion is now available.

Our Picatinny 1913 rear trunnion is milled from a solid block of 4140 Chromoly steel on our in house CNC.  It has a mil-spec 1913 rail which will take any of the various SIG style stocks and braces.  The 1913 rail has a 2 degree down cant for ergonomics.  The hole pattern is standard AKM, which usually will allow for easy retrofitting by a kalash-smith on existing guns.  They take the standard 4.5mm Long rivets.  We’ve made a bunch of weight relieving cuts without sacrificing strength;  the weight of the trunnion is 197 grams or 6.94 ounces.  Made 100% in the USA.  Not guaranteed to work for Yugo or Norinco guns.


New from Occam Defense – MERC Freefloat Handguard for Kalashnikov Pattern Rifles

Occam Defense has opened pre-orders for their new MERC free-float handguard for Kalashnikov pattern rifles.

From Occam Defense:

The MERC is a revolutionary improvement to handguards for the AK platform (PATENT PENDING). The MERC offers rock solid optics mounting and hand protection, lowering the handguard temperature by over 100°F after five magazines. Gloves are no longer required equipment for extended fire rates when deploying the MERC. The MERC is easily installed in less than 30 minutes with commonly available tools.

The system builds upon the knowledge gained from the Occam Defense RST (Rear Sight Tower)- The MERC builds on the popular press-fit part by adding clamping for user installation along with a thermally managed aluminum handguard.

The Most Combat Effective Handguard Solution Occam Defense’s MERC increases the combat effectiveness of AK rifles by adding a rugged, thermally managed handguard and optics mount in a user-installable configuration. Extended length handguards have long been available for the AR platform. They have obvious benefits for ergonomics– taking a long grip forms a strong triangular base, useful both at distance for accuracy and for weapons retention in CQB environments when hostiles may gain access to the muzzle of one’s weapon. They are also required for mounting modern force multipliers– lights, lasers, IR illuminators, etc.

However, the mounting methods used for previous extended guards were less than optimal. They pulled unacceptable amounts of heat from the barrel and deposited in the worst place possible–the operator’s hand! Occam’s Patent-Pending MERC solves this problem by anchoring the guard far back on the barrel at a single, cool, point, and uses heat shield technology to reflect heat away from the handguard. In field tests, the Occam Defense was over 100°F cooler than the nearest competitor. Maximum Effectiveness – Reduced Complexity: The MERC is the New Standard for AK Handguards.


  • 16 oz
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • Black Mil-Spec Anodized
  • Length: 11.75″ from front of receiver
  • Overhang over dust cover: 2.5″
  • Height: 2-5/8″
  • Width: 1-9/16″
  • Weight: 16 oz. (effectively much lighter through removal of steel RSB and FST)
  • Weight of demo gun: 7 lbs, 2 oz.

Visit OccamDefense.us to learn more about installation, which AKs the MERC will fit, and to pre-order.

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