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New Finish Option for the FOSSA-556

FOSSA-556 White Sound Defense

I recently reviewed the FOSSA-556 – a muzzle climb reducing flash suppressor from White Sound Defense (WSD). WSD is known for using premium materials and finishes on their gear and the original FOSSA-556 is no exception. It is made from 17-4PH stainless steel with a titanium aluminum nitride surface coating. Those materials and finishes can really add a lot of durability and functionality to their product but they can also add cost which is why WSD is now introducing the FOSSA-556 with a simple black oxide finish at a lower price.

You can pick up both versions of the FOSSA-556 at CPWSA.com.

The Lowly A2 Flash Suppressor

I will not fault anyone for chasing the perfect muzzle device. I spend a lot of time talking about and testing muzzle devices on this very page. In fact, you will see at least 2 new devices tested in the coming weeks. Unfortunately, in our rush to swap out parts for the latest and greatest, we can often miss a great muzzle device that is right under our noses (and practically free) – the lowly A2 flash suppressor.

A2 Flash Suppressor

The A2 flash suppressor is actually a very good muzzle device for a number of reasons. Certainly there are devices out there that do the same things as the A2. Many devices do some things better than the A2. However, I am not sure any device is as well rounded as the A2 for so little money.

Reason #1: The A2 is actually a very good flash suppressor. It isn’t as effective as the AAC Blackout or the White Sound Defense FOSSA-556 but it holds its own.

Reason #2: It is quiet. As compensators and muzzle brakes flood the market, people are spending more and more time talking about how noisy each device is. The A2 is not the quietest device on the market but it certainly quieter than just about any comp or brake. It won’t rattle the teeth of those shooting near you.

Reason #3: It is compact. Many of the best flash suppressors are fairly long. The A2 flash suppressor manages to be fairly effective but still very compact. It also has a closed end that prevents snagging which may be an issue with some pronged flash suppressors.

Reason #4: It is nearly free (kind of)! No one buys an A2 flash suppressor. They come installed already on a complete upper receiver group or complete AR-15 or you bum one off a buddy who just spent his allowance on a new muzzle device. Even if you did buy one, it wouldn’t cost much at all.

Other considerations:  The A2’s closed bottom reduces muzzle rise slightly and reduces ground signature. There are sound suppressors available that mount directly to the A2. It works with muzzle caps.

I am not saying that the A2 is the ultimate muzzle device. I am saying that it is a very good one and that your money might be better spent on other things like training or additional amm0, rather than a more expensive muzzle device that you may or may not have the ability to get the most out of.

Don’t be in such a rush to throw away that A2 flash suppressor!

SLR Rifleworks SR47 Series Muzzle Brake

I have said it before and I will say it again. This is really a golden age for AK shooters. There are more options than ever when it comes to making that reliable old warhorse m0re efficient. Muzzle brakes, in particular, have received a lot of development lately.

SR47 Muzzle

SLR Riflesworks is now offering their SR47 Series Muzzle Brake for the AK. This is a very compact brake with a single port design. It has just a 1.2″ overall length which is nice if you are trying to keep length to a minimum. This brake is symmetrical and it has two indexing points spaced 180 degrees apart which increases the chances of a snug fit. The SR47 Series Muzzle Brake is optimized for the 7.62×39 but should also work for you 5.45 shooters as well. It has a 14x1L thread pattern.

SLR Rifleworks SR47 Series Muzzle Brake


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