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White Sound Defense S&W M&P Guide Rod and Recoil Spring

White Sound Defense (WSD) has just introduced their latest guide rod for the Smith & Wesson M&P. WSD doesn’t make just any run of the mill steel guide rod. Their designs have functionality you won’t find anywhere else and the typical attention to materials, coatings, and designs that you have come to expect from WSD.

WSD G19 Guide Rod

The most noticeable feature of their guide rods is their extended length. The guide rod actually sticks out from the muzzle end of the M&P slightly to act as standoff in the event that a contact shot must be delivered. The standoff function of this guide rod makes it much less likely that the M&P will be pressed out of battery if the muzzle is pressed into someone or something when a shot must be fired.

The guide rod and spring are made from no compromise materials. The guide rod is made from durable 4340 alloy steel which is titanium nitride for corrosion resistance. The spring is made from music wire and then plated to prevent corrosion.

The springs match factory weight so that they do not alter the reliability of the M&P. I own several of these for my Glocks and they have all run like tops.

I should also note that the guide rod has a small transverse hole which can be used to wind the spring effortlessly onto the guide rod if you insert a paper clip. It makes it just as easy to install as a captured unit.

Check out White Sound Defense and buy your own M&P Guide Rod and Springs at CPWSA. We are giving away 2 Guide Rod and Spring sets! Head over to the giveaway page to check it out.

WSD G19 Guide Rod

WSD Guide Rod shown on a Glock 19.

Apex Tactical Specialties Armorer Block

Apex Tactical Specialties has released their Armorer Block for the S&W M&P and GLOCK line of pistols.

Apex Tactical Amorers Block

The Armorer Block is designed to secure your M&P or GLOCK handgun while you replace or remove parts. It has 2 moveable bosses that allow the frame to conform to all sizes and calibers of GLOCK and M&P handguns. The block has a series of slots that allows pins to be driven out while it holds the frame. It also has slots that allow you to anchor the base of the striker modules of the both the M&P and GLOCK for easy disassembly of the modules and a slot that can secure an M&P trigger to make trigger bar replacement easier.

I think they should change the name to the Apex Tactical Specialties Third Hand, because this is exactly what so many of us were actually wishing for when we wished for a third hand during a project.

Check out ApexTactical.com.

Smith & Wesson M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E. Handguns

Smith & Wesson recently introduced the M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E. handguns through the S&W Performance Shop. The Pro Series C.O.R.E. have the ability to accept a number of different compact red dot optics. This adds S&W to the very short list of manufacturers who have offered their handguns configured to accept an RDS from the factory.

The M&P Pro Series C.O.R.E. handguns allow the user to mount the following RDS: Trijicon RMR, Leupold Delta Point, Jpoint, Doctor, C-More STS, or Insight MRDS. There is some speculation that the mounting system that allows all of these various optics to be mounted is similar to the Atom Mounting System from Unity Tactical. However, it appears that the optic sits a bit higher with the S&W mounting system.

The trend toward mounting RDS on handguns certainly seems to be gaining momentum.


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