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Modern Musket – New T-Shirt Design

Modern Musket is showing off an upcoming t-shirt design that I think we can all get behind. The statement on this shirt is simple and powerful. Rights remain the same while the objects and mediums used to express those rights are constantly evolving. No one would argue that the First Amendment doesn’t apply to social media even though the Founding Fathers could have never seen Facebook coming. Firearms are no different.

Modern Musket The Right Remains the Same

PWS Modern Musket


PWS has teamed up with Modern Musket to release a line of direct impingement AR-15s under the Modern Musket name. These complete AR-15 rifles, pistols, and upper receivers will come ready to use and have a host of desirable features like nitride processed barrel, ALG QMS trigger, PWS muzzle devices and rails, a Lucid RDS, and the Modern Musket logo engraved on the magazine well.

The demo video for the new rifle line is powerful and stirring. Check it out below…

Modern Musket

Editor’s Note: The full title for the following article is “Modern Musket – Changing Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Modern Rifles”. It is written by Robert Hobbs of ModernMusket.com and it basically sums up exactly what Modern Musket is all about. We are glad to have Robert as a contributor because we feel that now, more than ever, Modern Musket’s message is an important one. ~Matt


The Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights to preserve our right to keep and bear modern firearms for defensive purposes. This includes the defense of your life from a criminal and the defense of your liberty from tyranny. In the late 18th Century when the Constitution was ratified, the primary long arms were muskets; today they are modern rifles like the increasingly popular AR-15. Indeed times and technologies have changed, however it is imperative that our freedoms remain the same.

Today, the greatest threat that faces our Second Amendment freedoms are so-called “assault weapons” bans. These bans demonize many modern semi-automatic rifles including the AR-15, even though statistically these rifles are rarely used in gun related crimes. This begs the question, “Why the AR-15?” What is the difference between a rifle like a Ruger Mini-14, which is generally not viewed as an assault weapon, and an average AR-15? The answer is essentially nothing except the AR-15 has wrongfully been labeled an “assault weapon” because of its ergonomic and cosmetic features. So, considering these facts, why are these popular rifles being banned? The answer to this question should be very concerning to ALL gun owners.

The top rifle is the popular Ruger Mini-14 and the bottom rifle is an AR-15. Even though they are both semi-automatic, use detachable magazines, and are the same caliber, the AR-15 has been wrongfully labeled an “assault weapon.”

If these purely symbolic, unconstitutional bans are permitted on common semi-automatic rifles simply because of their appearance, what will be next? Will scoped bolt action hunting rifles be labeled “sniper rifles” and be banned? Will all semi-automatic firearms, including handguns and shotguns eventually be banned? These types of future bans could easily become a reality if gun owners do not unite and oppose all infringements upon our Second Amendment freedoms.

It must be understood that so-called “assault weapons” bans heavily infringe upon the right of law-abiding Americans to keep and bear the very firearms the Second Amendment is intended to protect. Present day rifles like the AR-15 are NOT “assault weapons,” they are simply modern muskets.

The AR-15 is very versatile. This rifle was custom built by the author primarily for varmint hunting.



Modern Musket is a brand with a message. They offer products to increase visibility, raise awareness, and to allow people to make a statement for what they believe in. A portion of the money generated through the sale of these products is donated to organizations that fight for Second Amendment rights.

To learn more, please visit their website at: www.ModernMusket.com

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