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Midwest Industries Non-QD Scope Mounts

Midwest Industries has introduced a new line of non-QD, one-piece scope mounts. The mounts have a number of features that have become somewhat standard for modern one-piece mounts including cantilevering the optic forward to aid in proper eye relief, aluminum construction, and 1.5″ height over rail. The new designs also boast a relatively long aluminum rail clamp and dual steel locking lugs

The mounts weigh around 8.4 ounces and is available for 1″ and 30mm diameter optics.


Midwest Industries Ambidextrous Offset Combat Sights

Midwest Industries is now offering their new Ambidextrous Offset Combat Sights:

Midwest Industries is proud to show you our new offset combat iron sights. These sights are fully ambidextrous and mount forward enough to allow easy access to the charging handle. The front sight post is a standard A2 style and allows use of night sight posts. The rear aperture is Intermediate in size for long-range precision and close-range rapid engagement. Sights come with Loctite pre-installed on screws.

Introductory price on the set which includes a steel A2 sight tool is $169.95

More information available in the link:

Midwest Industries Henry 45-70 M-LOK Hand Guards

Midwest Industries’ new line of M-LOK Hand Guards for popular Marlin 336 lever action rifle have been a hit. Now they are developing hand guards for other common lever action rifles like those from Henry.

The new Henry 45-70 M-LOK Hand Guards are MI’s first release for Henry rifles. These hand guards are machined from 6061 aluminum and hard coat anodized. The rail is 11″ long and weighs in at just 5.5 ounces. It features both a fixed sling stud and QD sling swivel sockets on both sides.

MI plans to introduce M-LOK Hand Guards for other Henry rifles in the future.

Midwest Industries Henry M-LOK Hand Guards

Midwest Industries Marlin Lever Action Rail

Midwest Industries just took the “Cowboy Assault Rifle” concept to a whole new level. Their upcoming M-LOK rails for Marlin lever action rifles come with plenty of mounting real estate for optics, slings, and lights. These rails were designed with hog and dangerous game hunting in mind but I suspect they will see broader use than that.

Stay tuned for pricing and availability information.

Midwest Industries Blast Can Muzzle Device

Midwest Industries (MI) has introduced a new Blast Can muzzle device that they will have available for purchase soon. The Blast Can, like other similar devices, is designed to direct gas, flash, and concussion forward and away from the shooter. MI designed the muzzle device with a relatively slim 1.2″ outer diameter which will allow it to fit under a number rails.

Midwest Industries Gen 2 AK Extended Handguard

Midwest Industries (MI) recently teased the release of a new extended AK handguard design and it generated some significant interest on this site. The wait is now over for at least some of the models of the new MI Gen 2 AK Extended Handguards.

MI has released the M-LOK version with a railed top cover and the M-LOK version with an Aimpoint Micro specific top cover. The M-LOK/Trijicon MRO version and all KeyMod versions are not available for purchase yet.

As expected, the installation looks to be very easy on these 11.5″ long handguards with no permanent modifications necessary to the host gun (something that can’t be said for most extended AK handguards). The hard coat anodized, 6061 T6 aluminum construction and MI’s patented clamping system should make these more than durable enough for hard use. The weight of just 16 ounces is perhaps most impressive.


Tease: New AK Hand Guards from Midwest Industries

Midwest Industries is about to drop a selection of extended AK hand guards onto the market. Extended hand guards can make a lot of sense on AKs since the standard hand guard length may leave little room for mounting items like lights and slings. The extended hand guard may also allow items like vertical grips to be mounted further forward where they will have less impact on the ability to rock a magazine into the magazine well.

midwest industries extended AK hand guard tease 2

The hand guards will be available with either KeyMod or M-LOK compatible attachment slots. They also appear to mount without having to remove the standard hand guard retainer. In keeping with previous AK hand guards, these also seem to have optic specific upper hand guard mount options.

Stay tuned for additional details.
midwest industries extended AK hand guard tease 1

New Intel: MI AK Railed Gas Tube

Yesterday’s news about Midwest Industries’ new AK Railed Gas Tube has been generating quite a bit discussion and several emails. Midwest Industries published a series of images today that shows the gas tube installed and they should go a long way toward clearing up some of your questions about how it actually attaches to the host rifle.

midwest industries railed gas tube installed

The images show how the steel nut on the muzzle end of the gas tube adjusts to mate with the gas block while tension screws at the rear of the gas tube push against the barrel to fix the entire gas tube in place. This set up should be lighter in weight than railed gas tubes that make use of barrel bands but only time and testing will tell the whole story.

The AK Railed Gas Tube is available for standard AK/AKMs with models for the Yugo M70, M85 PAP, and M92 PAP coming soon. Check it out at Midwest Industries.

It should also be noted that there is no shortage of AK mags at MI HQ! I bet they swim through them like Scrooge McDuck.

midwest industries railed gas tube installed 2

MI AK Railed Gas Tube

Midwest Industries is now producing a railed gas tube for AK pattern rifles. The first question anyone should have when shopping for something like this is does it place the RDS low enough to co-witness with the AK’s iron sights. According to MI, it does allow a lower 1/3rd co-witness with micro red dot sights. That instantly makes this a serious competitor in this space.

mi railed gas tube ak

The new AK Railed Gas Tube is constructed from 6061 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. It mounts via a patent pending method and has a steel nut that can be used to adjust the length of the gas tube, closing the gap left by some competing railed gas tubes. Installation requires no permanent modification to the host AK.

The AK Railed Gas Tube is available for standard AK/AKMs with models for the Yugo M70, M85 PAP, and M92 PAP coming soon. Check it out at Midwest Industries.

Ruger Precision Rifle Aftermarket Rail Options

The introduction of the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) made some pretty serious waves late last year. The demand for the is still strong and that has lead a few manufacturers to create replacement hand guards specifically for the budget precision rifle.

Midwest Industries has introduced the MI RPR Handguard. This rail is based on their SP-Series AR-15 rails. It features plenty of M-LOK compatible slots, 6061 aluminum construction, and comes with a Magpul M-LOK 5 Slot Polymer Rail section. It is available in 15″ and 18″ lengths.


Seekins Precision is now offering the SP3R Ruger Rail System. The SP3R Ruger Rail features the same flat bottom shape that is found on the AR-based SP3R Rails. The flat bottom helps when shooting off bags or a barricade. This rail also features KeyMod or M-LOK attachment slots, QD sling swivel sockets, and 6061-T6 aluminum construction.

0010530023---12in-sp3r-v3-keymod---45-rear_1_2_3 rpr

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