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Review: Mechanix Wear M-Pact 2 Covert Glove

I have been using Mechanix Gloves for years. I probably have 6 or 7 pairs spread around the house and car that get used for everything from chores to shooting. You can certainly spend a lot more on dedicated “shooting” or tactical gloves but I am not sure you will get a much better glove.

I have been able to spend some time using the Mechanix Wear M-Pact 2 Covert Glove over the last several months. The experience has not been perfect but it hasn’t been entirely bad either.


The M-Pact 2 Glove is all about protecting the hand from impact so it has padding in various places throughout the glove. There is thin padding in the palm, heavy EVA foam padding to protect the knuckles, rubber finger armor, and even some padding to protect the bones in the wrist.

The glove has a mix of materials used strategically throughout the glove. There is neoprene used in places where flexibility and fit are a paramount like across the knuckles and around the wrist. Thin stretch material is used between the fingers to improve fit and breath-ability. The palm and fingers are reinforced with a rubberized, leather-like material.

The cuff features a Velcro closure that offers a fair amount of adjustment. The cuff is also cleverly extended on the pinky finger side of the glove to protect the outer bones of the wrist.

Observations from Use

The first pair of the M-Pact 2 Gloves that I used failed on the first day that I used them. The Velcro in the wrist closure began separating almost immediately. I continued using them in this state until the wrist closures no longer really worked. I also found that they were very tight (to the point of pinching) across the knuckles. They did break in a bit after several uses but they never had the great fit that I was used to from my other Mechanix Gloves.

Mechanix Wear took those gloves back and replaced them. The new pair has not only held up perfectly, but they fit much better. I typically buy size medium Mechanix Gloves because I like a tight fit across the finger tips. This new pair is exactly consistent with the fit that I have come to expect from them.

The padding in the M-PACT 2 Glove is very cleverly executed. The EVA foam padding across the knuckles is formed into folds or rolls which allow the thick padding to flex easily when you close your hand. The palm padding is separated into the panels that allow the palm to fold without interference. The soft rubber armor on the fingers provides a measure of protection from impact and abrasion while still remaining very flexible. The result is a glove that is heavily padded without feeling like it. The flexibility is good out of the box and just gets better with use.

Many work glove makers sew their fingertips by essentially creating a fabric box from three separate panels of material. This is fine for the middle, ring, and pinky fingers but has a terrible effect on the dexterity of the thumb and index fingers. Mechanix forms their thumb and index finger tips by folding the fabric so that there is only 1 seam instead of 2 and it up by the finger nail rather than on the finger tip. This makes it easier to do fine tasks like picking up small parts or feel the trigger with the pad of your finger. This is part of the reason that I am so loyal to Mechanix Gloves.

The durability has been good on this second pair of gloves. I have used them extensively for shooting and chores. I haven’t had any burst seams or holes in these gloves yet. The palm material seems to be very durable – perhaps more durable than my other Mechanix Gloves which use a thinner Clarino material in the palm. It scuffs slightly when handling very abrasive materials but seems to shrug off any meaningful wear. I know from experience that, eventually, I will blow out a seam or a panel will start to tear off but I have always gotten my money’s worth out of Mechanix Gloves.

Wrap Up

I was not at all happy with the first pair of these gloves that I received and I hope that the second pair is representative of the typical M-Pact 2 Glove. Mechanix Wear took care of my issue quickly and the second pair has been excellent. This was the first problem that I have ever had with Mechanix Gloves and I have been using them for long enough to give them the benefit of the doubt. If you need a durable padded glove that offers great dexterity, the M-PACT 2 Glove may be for you.

Check out Mechanix Wear.

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