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550 FireCord Update

550 FireCord has come a long way since I last wrote about it. Live Fire Gear smashed their crowd funding goals for the project and it is now entering the final stages of production. You can expect it to be available sometime in October.


The product itself has been refined considerably. The 550 FireCord prototypes shown during the crowdfunding effort was basically just para-cord style nylon sheathing around a thick tinder strand. The more refined version will actually have regular nylon inner strands like standard para-cord with the addition of a color coded tinder strand. This should make it more durable and useful as survival cordage.

550 FireCord will be available soon at Live Fire Gear.

550 FireCord

Live Fire Gear’s Kickstarter campaign for 550 FireCord (see previous post) smashed its initial fund raising goal in no time. It is no surprise because everyone loves paracord and everyone loves fire starters. Combining them in a useful way like 550 FireCord does is bound to be a hit.

The original offering was going to be offered in only one color option (black with a red line) until manufacturing was in place and demand could be established. The additional funding has given them the ability to offer additional colors right out of the gate. They have already received enough funding to offer black/red, solid black, and safety orange. If their funding continues to grow, they will offer additional colors like Multicam, red, OD Green, and more.

Check out the 550 FireCord Kickstarter campaign.

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