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Limitless Gear LMR Animation

As a consumer, I appreciate when a manufacturer takes time to show me how their product works. Videos like this one from Limitless Gear that shows how the Limitless Magazine Retention system (LMR) on their OPFOR Magazine Carriers works can be invaluable when you are deciding if a product will meet your needs, especially when you can’t lay hands on a product in person before you buy.

OPFOR Multi-Packs

If you are shopping for magazine pouches or carriers, you are just as likely to need three or even six of them as you are to need one. That is why it is nice that Limitless Gear is now offering multi-packs of their OPFOR Magazine Carriers. You can buy three or six at a time which saves you some dough. Check out the new OPFOR Multi-Packs at Limitless Gear.


Limitless Gear OPFOR Magazine Carrier Now Available

You may remember the Limitless Gear OPFOR magazine carrier from their attempt to crowd fund it’s launch. It has now successfully entered production and is available for purchase.


The OPFOR is unique among magazine carriers in that it can be attached to and removed from standard PALS webbing with very little effort. This allows the user to rapidly reconfigure their gear to suit their needs. The OPFOR retains the magazine aggressively enough that it can actually be used upside down. Other interesting features include the ability to stack them on top of each other and a respectable 2.8 ounce weight.

Check out the Limitless Gear OPFOR.

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