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KEY-BAR Titanium Comb Insert

I have mentioned KEY-BAR here on these pages before. It is a device that organizes your keys into a pocket knife-like tool. One of its biggest strengths is its versatility. It can hold just about anything that is roughly key shaped and that opens the possibility for developing cool little gadgets specifically for KEY-BAR… cool little gadgets like the Titanium Comb Insert that KEY-BAR just started offering via their website. Look for new additions to KEY-BAR’s capabilities soon.

keybar ti comb


KEY-BAR is an EDC key organizer that turns your jumble of jangly keys into a silent, easy to carry, Swiss Army Knife like tool. Each one comes with a pocket clip, a loop for attaching key fobs, and all the hardware you need to stow up to 12 keys. They are available in a variety of materials and finishes that are sure to suit any taste and, if they don’t have one that suits you, they can customize one to your specs.


I don’t carry a lot of keys daily but I admit it is hard to resist the allure of the KEY-BAR. That is due in part to a wide variety of key shaped tools that are availabnle. KEY-BAR actually sells a few of them like screw drivers, bottle openers, and thumb drives. That means that, even if you only carry 4 keys like I do, you can use KEY-BAR to replace and organize several other items that you carry regularly.

On top of all that, they have carbon fiber, so… Check out KEY-BAR.

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