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HSGI Costa Padded Leg Panel

If you like the concept of the original HSGI Costa Leg Rig but you wish you could change the pouch configuration to suit your needs, I have good news. HSGI has just released a PALS compatible version of the Costa Leg Rig called the Costa Padded Leg Panel.BAM_1442_750x497

It has the same 2 point mounting system that sits just below the belt line as the original. It also retains the light padding of the original. The difference is that this model features a 3 row by 6 column PALS field so that you can attach which ever compatible pouches you want.

Check out the Costa Padded Leg Panel at HSGI.


Costa Leg Rig

There has never been a more hotly anticipated sub-load than the Costa Leg Rig. It was so hotly anticipated in fact that the first run of them sold out in hours. So, while these are unavailable right now, it is nice to finally have the details.

I have tried to like magazine sub-loads before but they all sat too low on the leg which brought a host of problems. The Costa Sub Load is designed to rid higher and utilizes two hangers so it is more stable on the belt. It certainly seems to be a better approach on paper and it may just be a great solution for keeping your rifle mags from riding up into your armor.

The Costa Leg Rig is manufactured by HSGI. It has integrated (non-detachable) HSGI TACO pouches that allow it to carry two of just about any type of rifle magazine and 3 of just about any type of pistol magazine (or flashlights, multi-tools, etc).

You can check out the Costa Leg Rig on CostaLudusGear.com.

HSGI Sure-Grip Padded Belt – More Pictures

HSGI posted more pictures of their Sure-Padded Belt and it looks great.

The profile of the belt shows the lining of Sure-Grip material. Click to enlarge.

The belt will have 3 slots for direct access to the inner belt at 3, 6, and 9 o'clock. Note the beefy bar tacks. Click to enlarge.

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You can visit the HSGI website for more pictures and to order your own.

HSGI Sure-Grip Padded Belt

The new HSGI Sure-Grip Padded Belt is available for pre-order now. It looks like this belt features a lining made from the same grippy material that HSGI uses on their plate carrier shoulder pads. I can attest to the fact that the material is very durable and is very slip resistant. This belt should really fight riding up which is a common issue with some “battle belts”.

The teaser image from HSGI shows the lining material.

You can pre-order one today from the HSGI website.

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