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Tip to Make DCC Clips Easier to Live With from Gypsy EDC

Gypsy EDC, an excellent knife and sheath maker based out of Idaho, recently posted a tip that makes removing DCC clip equipped items like sheaths and holsters from your clothing much easier. This tip makes use of a credit card to shim the clip, allowing it to slide off your clothing almost effortlessly. This may be especially useful for shorter DCC clips or those with limited grip strength.

See the tip in action on the Gypsy EDC Instagram page: GypsyEDC Instagram.


Dauntless MFG x Gypsy EDC Little Nasty

Dauntless Mfg and Gypsy EDC have announced that they have begun work on the first production run of the Little Nasty, one of the Idaho-based knife maker’s most popular designs. The production Little Nasty will be double-edged, ground from AEBL stainless steel. It features a distinctive, 3.75″ wedge-shaped blade that is all about piercing with its aggressive point.

The Little Nasty will be available with black or gray random textured G-10 scales. The provided sheath will be one of Gypsy EDC’s Deep6 kydex sheaths with centerline mounted DCC clip.

Pre-orders are already open at GyspyEDC.com

Gypsy EDC RZR Snail

Gypsy EDC has opened pre-orders for their new RZR Snail – a bottle opener/impact tool/utility blade holding, karambit-like knife designed for EDC and travel.

The RZR Snail accepts standard utility razor blades. It is designed to be TSA compliant when the blade is removed and, even with the blade removed, it can be used as a bottle opener or impact tool. Then, once you arrive at your location, a blade can be easily sourced.

Every RZR Snail comes with a utility blade and a sheath. It machined from 6061 aluminum right here in Idaho.


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