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Gryphon M10FFG

The Gryphon M10 is one of the finest production defensive fixed blades available. It is light, compact, easy to carry, and purpose built to support point driven techniques. Previously, it was only available with a hollow grind which is appropriate for its use but may have limited some of its general utility and edge cutting performance to some extent.


The Gryphon M10FFG is the latest iteration of the venerable M10. The FFG in its name stands for “full flat grind” which indicates that the primary grind is flat from the edge to the spine. This should increase the usefulness of the M10 for slashing cuts and as a general utility knife without radically changing the characteristics that make it great.

It is also worth noting that the M10FFG is ground from laminate VG-10 rather than just solid VG-10 like the hollow ground version. This means that there is a harder VG-10 core layer sandwiched between two layers of a softer metal. This laminate construction makes the entire blade more durable.

Check out the Gryphon M10FFG at Cutlery Shoppe.


  • Blade Steel: Laminated VG-10
  • Blade Finish: DLC (Diamond Like Coating)
  • Handle Material: Black Zytel
  • Blade Length: 4″
  • Length Overall: 8 1/2″
  • Blade Thickness: 3/16″
  • Weight, Knife: 4.4 oz. (119 g)
  • Sheath Material: .080″ Boltaron
  • Weight, Sheath: 2.1 oz. (60 g)


Gryphon M-10 with Survival Sheath


The Gryphon M-10, an absolute classic self-defense knife and one of the best kept secrets in the entire knife industry, is now available with a new sheath option. The new sheath is a kydex, pancake style belt sheath that is manufactured by Survival Sheath Systems who has been molding kydex longer than just about anyone. It is set up for a vertical draw and is available in black and coyote brown.

Check out the newest Gryphon M-1o sheath options at Cutlery Shoppe.

New Sheath Option for the Gryphon M-10

The Gryphon M-10 is a modern classic tactical fixed blade that is only available from Cutlery Shoppe. This Bob Terzuola design is one of those rare designs that is at home on a battle belt or your EDC belt. It has been available off and on for years and always sells out quickly.

Gryphon M-10 SheathPro

Previously, the M-10 was only available with the original James Keating designed, River City Sheaths made Drawpoint sheath. However, sometimes the availability of the sheaths held up the availability of the knives. Thankfully, it is now available with a new sheath option that is both less expensive and more available. The new sheath is from SheathPro and it is a very nice pancake design with a G-Clip.

The best part is that the M-10 with the new SheathPro sheath costs $50 less than the original! This is a killer set up at $100. I hear that there may be a third sheath option soon.

Stay tuned for a full review. Check out the new M-10 at Cutlery Shoppe.

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