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New RIP-M Quick Detach Push Button Mounting Straps from Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical’s RIP-M (Rigid MOLLE Panels) have been available and improving for some time now. The latest addition to the line makes the panels easy to install on a typical car seat and gives them the ability to be removed at the push of a button.

The new Quick Detach Push Button Mounting Straps feature D-rings at one end for affixing to the head rest posts of most front car seats. Installation is accomplished by removing the head rest, passing the post through the rings, and then reinstalling the head rest. The opposite end of the straps features QD sling swivels that attach to the RIP-M itself and allow the panel to be removed quickly. The straps are constructed from nylon webbing with triglides so that they are adjustable for length.

You can check out the new Quick Detach Push Button Mounting Straps and RIP-M at Greyman-Tactical.com.

RIP-M Mounting Kit from Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid Insert Panels – MOLLE (RIP-M) are designed to be used in a number of ways, including mounted to rigid surfaces like the inside of a safe, your vehicle, or the wall of your workshop. Grey Man Tactical now offers a mounting kit to accomplish this. The kit includes 6 self tapping screws (1.5″ #12) and 1/2″ nylon spacers to ensure there is enough standoff between the RIP-M and the surface it is mounted to.

If you are resourceful and a little bit handy, you could probably put the kit together yourself and swap in the fastener that is most appropriate for your application like wood screws or bolts.

RIP-M Hardware Mounting Kit at Grey Man Tactical

Grey Man Tactical Rigid MOLLE Panels

Grey Man Tactical’s Rigid MOLLE Panels (RIP-M) are basically exactly what their name implies – rigid, MOLLE compatible panels. The RIP-Ms are made from high strength polyethylene and come in a staggering array of sizes to be used as everything from car/truck seat back or bottom organizers, bag and case inserts, wall racks, and more.

The panels features a variety of slots and holes around the perimeter to give the end user several mounting options. They also offer a host of mounting and organization accessories like grab handles, mounting straps, cinch straps for securing large objects (like a rifle) to a panel, and tourniquet holders.

You can learn more about the Rigid MOLLE Panels at Greyman-Tactical.com. Their Instagram page offers plenty of inspiration for how the panels can be used.

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