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Huge Sale and New Items from Grey Ghost Gear (Update)

Grey Ghost Gear is offering 40-98% off some of their in stock products and giving an early look at some of their 2013 products. The extremely light weight Black Ops LightWeight Assault Pack in black is on sale for $48 and they have a good looking new full-size pack that is on sale for just $99. This is just 2 of several items that are new or on sale.

Grey Ghost Gear Full Size Pack

The new full-size pack appears to be a Grey Ghost Gear version of the Tactical Tailor Extended Range Operator Pack. It lacks some of the features of the Tactical Tailor version to keep cost and weight to a minimum. I am trying to get some more details on it and I will pass them on when I can. At just $99 for Grey Ghost Gear’s quality, tons of PALS webbing, and 3200 cubic inches of storage, it looks like an absolute steal.

Check out GreyGhostGear.com.

Update – I have some additional details on the new full-size pack. It is made from 500D nylon and features an HDPE frame with aluminum stays. Grey Ghost Gear says that pack frame will form to you after wearing it a few times. I also found out that you better act fast if you want one. This probably won’t become part of the regular line-up, so when they are gone… they are gone.

Kryptek Camo Coming to a Gear Maker Near You

If you have been paying attention, you have probably noticed that the Kryptek camo patterns are starting to show up in the work of various gear makers. Kryptek is garnering a lot of attention thanks to their very striking camo design and the fact that it works well enough to make them one of the finalists in the U.S. Army’s Camo Improvement Study.


Extreme Gear Labs is already working with the 500D nylon Mandrake colorway. EGL have shown several gear items utilizing the new patterns. Kryptek has shown a Highlander colorway prototype plate carrier that appears to be very closely related to the excellent Mayflower R&C APC. Grey Ghost Gear has announced that they have some of their packs inbound in the Kryptek camo patterns.

I suspect that you will start seeing a lot more of Kryptek. Check out Kryptek.com.

Prototype plate carrier and magazine shingle being shown by Kryptek

Grey Ghost Gear Lightweight Assault Pack in Multicam

Grey Ghost Gear is cleaned out of packs after their 50% Black Friday and Cyber Monday event. When the Multicam Lightweight Assault Packs are restocked, they will look a bit different than previous versions. They will now feature Multicam camo matched webbing and Velcro.

Check out our previous review of the Lightweight Assault Pack and GreyGhostGear.com.

Previous version with Coyote Brown webbing and Velcro.

Grey Ghost Gear Plate Carrier on Sale

Grey Ghost Gear is clearing out their lightweight plate carriers at a pretty attractive price. I have been using one for a few months and figured this would be a good time to pass on a sort of mini-review.

This plate carrier has some features that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Some are good. Some need some work.

I like the “admin” pouch at the top front of the carrier. It is accessed via angled slash openings. The openings are unsecured so you won’t want to stow small, easily lost items in it, but is perfect for items like gloves or similar bulky soft goods. A little bit of Velcro to secure these openings would be nice. It is also a handy place to jam a magazine that you want to retain during an admin reload. I have also used it as a hand warmer.

I have a love/hate relationship with the cummerbund. On one hand, the plastic stiffened, Velcro covered cummerbund is a stroke of genius for use with Grey Ghost Gear’s side plate pouches. This set up allows the user to easily adjust the rid height and horizontal positioning. On the other hand, the cummerbund may not be able to be adjusted small enough for some users. I had a bit of difficulty getting it small enough for me, but I found that I could shorten the cummerbund enough by folding the tapered ends under. Adding the side plate carriers also helps the carrier fit better.

The grab handle is a lightweight marvel. It is made from folded 500D nylon to keep weight down and it is sewn to the rear plate pocket all the way down the sides at intervals. This creates various paths for routing cables and hydration tubes and serves as reinforcement for the drag handle. Genius.

The plate pockets are lined with a layer of ripstop nylon for extra durability. They are lightly padded and have 3D mesh on the surface that goes up against the user for comfort and breathability. This plate carrier wears cooler than any other that I have tried.

The shoulder straps on this carrier are excellent. They are very low profile and stay out of the way to provide a nice clean shoulder pocket for your rifle. The shoulder pads are small to keep the weight down and they feel so good that it makes me wonder why everyone else makes theirs larger.

The Grey Ghost Gear Plate Carrier is a great piece of gear with a mediocre cummerbund. The idea of the cummerbund is great but it lacks adjustment. In spite of that, it has become one of my favorite plate carriers.

Grey Ghost Gear is selling these at half off right now. They are available in Coyote Brown and Multicam at GreyGhostGear.com.

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