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GeoBallistics DIY Apple Watch Rifle Mount

GeoBallistics recently shared a way for exporting ballistic data from their app to an Apple Watch and then mounting said Apple Watch to your rifle to create an electronic dope card for your rifle. It all sounds very high tech but the beauty of it is that it is actually relatively simple and approachable for DIY types.

They created a video that shows how to push your rifle’s data to the Apple Watch. It is basically just exporting an image file that can be viewed in the Photos app.

You should be able to recreate the mount from seeing the pictures. It is just a Nite Ize Gear Tie and armor case, along with some adhesive Velcro. The “mount” allows you to position the watch where ever you need it and it folds out of the way when not in use.

There are definitely times when you might prefer more reliable, non-electronic methods of displaying your dope but the convenience of this setup would be great at the range. It would allow you to easy carry, organize, and access as many data cards as your Apple Watch can hold.

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