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Gear Sector GSR Free Float Tubes and Rails

Gear Sector’s new GSR Free Float Tubes and Free Float Rails are now available.

Gear Sector GSR Tubes

The GSR Free Float Tube features slick sides and a continuous top rail. It’s hole patterns allows users to attach accessory rail sections. The GSR Free Float Tube is available as a stand-alone rail and it is also the base for the GSR Free Float Rail. The GSR Free Float Rail includes three 6″ rail sections that can be attached by the user to create a quad rail setup.

Both versions are made from 6061-T6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. They mount with a proprietary steel barrel nut. The rails are relatively lightweight and Gear Sector has listed the weights of both the tube and barrel nut on each product page. Each rail comes with everything necessary to mount it including anti-seize grease, thread locking compound, and the necessary wrench.

The rails will be available in a variety of lengths and Cerakote colors. Currrently, only the 15″ and 13.5″ versions are available. Check out Gear Sector’s website for details.

New Gear for 2015 at Gear Sector

Gear Sector has rolled out a new line for 2015 called SFP or Small Foot Print. The SFP line includes multiple smaller and lighter versions of some of Gear Sector’s most popular mounts. These mounts still features the distinctive radius that Gear Sector is known for that allows their mounts to sit flush with Tango Down rail covers.

The GS-342x Surefire Scout Light Offset Flashlight Mount is a smaller and lighter version of their excellent GS-312x series mounts. The new GS-3345 Offset Sling Mount shows just how light these new designs can be weighing in at only .48 oz.

Stay tuned for more new releases in Gear Sector’s SFP line.

gear sector sfp scout light gear sector sfp sling

Gear Sector Rail Mount QD Swivel Mod 3

Gear Sector just introduced the Mod 3 version of their Rail Mount QD Swivel. Like the previous version, the Mod 3 is designed to be low-profile enough to blend in with Tango Down’s rail covers. The MOD 3 version manages to shed about 30% of the weight of the previous version and now features a 1144 StressProof┬« heat treated steel index. The socket is rotation limited and can position the swivel in 8 different clock positions.

gear sector sling mod3

Sneak Peek: Gear Sector Modular Free Float Tube

Every piece of gear that I have ever laid hands on from Gear Sector has been very functional and well designed which makes it easy to be intrigued by their upcoming Modular Free Float Tubes for the AR-15.

Gear Sector Hand Guard

Here is what we know: they will support a line of modular bolt-on accessories and they will be relatively light weight. The 7″ carbine hand guard weighs just 5 ounces (without barrel nut). They are made in the now common, slick sided configuration. These are definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Check out GearSector.com.

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