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First-Light TORQ Series Tactical Lights

You may know First-Light for their innovative and unique line of angle head tactical lights, like the Tomahawk and Liberator, that are made to work with you while you grip a firearm. There newest addition, the TORQ series of lights, is their most affordable yet but it still packed with the features that make First-Light unique.


The TORQ series lights run on 2 AA batteries which is a departure from their other lights which are powered with CR123A batteries. These lights are made from polymer and feature a swiveling head that allows the light to be mounted to your gear and aimed where you need it for hands free use.

Like First-Light’s previous offerings the TORQ lights feature secondary lights in various colors that are suited to different tasks. All of the light’s modes, like the 155 lumen constant output, strobe, and secondary colors are accessible through a multi-button interface.

TORQ also has a number of available accessories including MOLLE, belt, and magnet mounts for hands free use.

You can check out First-Light’s TORQ product page and the video below for more information.

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