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Gentleman’s Carbon Fiber Comb from Bastion and Engineerable

Bastion and Engineerable are veterans of Kickstarter. Both have successful campaigns on the popular crowdfunding platform under their belt. Their first collaboration, the CARBONEER, raised over 5 times it’s initial goal and shipped on time. I have happen to have one and I use it daily.

bastion gentlemans comb

Bastion and Engineerable have launched a new Kickstarter campaign for another slick piece of carbon-fibery EDC goodness. The Gentleman’s Carbon Fiber Comb is machined from carbon fiber and hand finished. The comb is available in 4 styles that include a solid carbon fiber design and three different skeletonization options. It features an integrated finger loop and clip that allow you to carry it in a number of ways.

They are looking for $5000 to fully fund the project. If they can hit their $25,000 stretch goal, they will double everyone’s rewards (example: if you back the project at a 1 comb level, you will get 2 combs).

Carbon fiber makes everything better. Check out the Gentleman’s Carbon Fiber Comb Kickstarter page.

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