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Emergent Rescue Systems – UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System Available Now

September 24, 2019 (Birmingham, AL) — Emergent Rescue Systems, LLC today announced the release of its newest innovation, the UPC4 Plate Carrier Adapter System. The UPC4 was developed initially for HRE Pack attachment to the most common industry PCs. The end result, however, is a modular system which adapts to any PALS/MOLLE equipped surface. Additionally, its adjustable quick release points allow fast detachment and simple reattachment.

The UPC4 is a full solution system with modular components.

Shoulder Quick Release Straps – Shoulder Quick Release Straps provide multiple quick release points across the shoulder and plate carrier front. Its shoulder QR points can adjust to any position along the PC shoulder straps.

Shoulder Quick Release Covers – Shoulder Quick Release Covers provide a simple protective solution to securing cross-shoulder items. With a trifold design and QR pull tabs, removal and reattachment is simple.

Side Quick Release Straps – Side Quick Release Straps provide QR attachment points along the cummerbund that include strap tension adjustment at the ITW QASM buckles. For rear pack attachment, G-Hooks provide a low profile connection that is secure enough for harsh environments, yet detachable without a tool.

Vertical Adapter Lock – Vertical Adapter Locks convert horizontal to vertical PALS rows with a dual row adapter lock that remains in place under heavy load tension. VALs are designed as an adapter and stabilizer, eliminating QASM adapter twisting from single PALS row attachment.

“When we started getting inquiries about HRE Pack attachment, we produced a simple prototype for what seemed to be a simple problem,” said Emergent Rescue Systems founder, Chris Richards. “After several changes from user evaluations, we realized the extent of the universal PC attachment capability gap. The resulting UPC4 is unique, adaptive, and modular…8-9 design revisions later.”

Made in the USA. Berry Amendment compliant. Exclusive production by Zulu Nylon Gear.

Visit UPC4 Plate Carrier Attachment System for more info.

HRE Pack Now Available for Limited Market Release High Risk Entry MED

Birmingham, AL October 23, 2018 — Emergent Rescue Systems, LLC today announced the release of a much anticipated product, the HRE (High Risk Entry) Pack. The original goal behind its creation was to fill a gap in carrier capability for treating junctional hemorrhage with current devices on the market. The resulting device, however, is far more expansive and covers and a much broader need than solely treating junctional hemorrhage.

Ideally suited and engineered for M.A.R. (Massive Hemorrhage Airway Respiration) response, it can be maximized beyond full M.A.R.C.H. (M.A.R. Circulation Hypothermia) protocol. The pack has an extremely small footprint and thin profile, ideal as a CQC entry or confined space rescue bag. The 4-6 pre-staged tourniquets and 8+ hemostatic gauze packs can be accessed and used in seconds, making the HRE Pack an excellent active threat response bag. Combined with the internal design, the footprint and sling allow full access to all components without removing the pack, except those protected in the weather resistant Instruments/Meds/ Circulation compartment. The single shoulder sling, an important component of the pack, allows for rapid movement of the pack from rear to front and a detachable waist strap ensures stability during hasty movement.

“We’ve put a great deal of thought and testing into the HRE Pack and the need for it remains high. Contributions to its development from some of finest professionals in both operational medicine and industry have allowed us to bring the HRE Pack to market,” said Emergent Rescue Systems founder, Chris Richards.

Hugh Coffee, esteemed wilderness medic, tactical medic, and author of Ditch Medicine, was instrumental from the original sketch to final production. “The key criteria we looked at from the beginning were non-compressible/junctional hemorrhage, speeding up treatment time, prolonged austere capabilities, and pack stability when running or clearing obstacles.This thing
exceeds that criteria – without a doubt,” Coffee said.

The HRE Pack’s first physical prototype was produced by Extreme Gear Labs, an industry brand name behind many successful high-end products. Zulu Nylon Gear completed the final designs and has partnered with Emergent Rescue Systems for full-scale production.

Limited Market Release Promotion
The five specific HRE Pack internal panels and pouches are included during the initial LMR along with a free buyer’s choice 6th. Visit the HRE Pack webpage to order: emrescuesystems.com/shop/hre-pack/

About the HRE Pack – High Risk Entry MED
The HRE Pack (High Risk Entry) expands operational medicine capabilities with a low profile, rapid access entry system. Originally designed to treat non-compressible and junctional hemorrhage, the HRE Pack is engineered for full spectrum TCCC treatment. It provides rapid efficiency without pack removal, ultimate versatility of movement, and dynamic response
capabilities for high risk threats in unpredictable environments.

About Emergent Rescue Systems
Birmingham, Alabama-based Emergent Rescue Systems, LLC specializes in hemorrhage control research, product development, and distribution. ERS currently markets products and services to law enforcement agencies, militaries and prehospital agencies in the United States. It was founded to serve U.S. law enforcement, hospital and pre-hospital markets, such as trauma centers, rural hospitals, fire and rescue, EMS, and various first responder units. For more information, visit emrescuesystems.com.

New Details: Emergent Rescue Systems HRE Pack

We recently gave you a sneak peak of a new medical pack coming from Emergent Rescue Systems and Zulu Nylon Gear. Now we have additional details that we can share.

The pack’s official name is the HRE or High Risk Entry MED Pack and it’s design has sprung out of the minds and hands of people who know a thing or two about delivering aid in the field and making gear. Emergent Rescue Systems president and founder Chris Richards sent me the following:

Hugh Coffee, Ditch Medicine Founder, and I started talking about creating a pack several years ago based on his 30 years of experience in wilderness/SWAT medicine, observed capability gaps during our joint LE training, evidence-based medicine from GWOT, and my 15 years in the medical device business. We sketched the first prototype 2.5 years ago and Darrin Talbott from Extreme Gear Labs built the first pack. Zulu Nylon Gear is running our ongoing production. All of this allows us to bring to market an experience/evidence based pack with the highest quality nylon engineering.

It’s an ideal pack for SWAT/tactical medics, combat mission specifics, confined space rescues, and active threat response.

We’re thrilled to finally see the HRE Pack and even more excited to get it in the hands of medics at home and downrange.

This pack should be exciting based solely on who has been involved in its design and creation. The HRE Pack has been added to the Emergent Rescue Systems website where it can be pre-ordered now. It is scheduled to the released at the end of September.

View the new images and details at EMRescueSystems.com.

Sneak Peek: Emergent Rescue Systems MED Pack by Zulu Nylon Gear

Emergent Rescue Systems is now accepting pre-orders for their new MED Pack. The new pack is their design and it is produced by Zulu Nylon Gear. The single strap sling bag design features a double zippered, clam shell opening with internal organization features for medical gear. The strap can be released quickly via a Cobra buckle. The exterior of the pack features a bungee lashing grid for securing bulky, lightweight items and a loop field for ID.

Pre-orders are open for this pack but you will need to contact Emergent Rescue Systems directly. Stay tuned for additional details.


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