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Elite Tactical Systems Group Glock 19 Magazines

The announcement of Elite Tactical Systems Group’s (ETS) impending entry into the 9mm Glock magazine market didn’t come with as much fanfare as the similarly timed Magpul Glock 17 magazine announcement. That is a shame because the ETS offering has a lot of potential and the trump card of being nearly completely transparent.

Also lost in the shuffle was the fact that ETS will be bringing out Glock 19, Glock 26, and 33 round versions of their mags. They are already testing the Glock 19 version and showing images of the test mags so hopefully we can expect to see them on the market soon. I am looking forward to having lower cost alternatives to factory magazines!


Elite Tactical Systems Group Glock Magazines

Just a few short days ago, your only choice in Glock magazines was OEM magazines that work or Korean imported magazines that don’t work but cost less. Then Magpul rolled out their PMAG17 GL9 and now Elite Tactical System Group (ETS) has thrown their hat into the ring. Things are looking up for Glock shooters.

The ETS Glock magazines will made from the same transparent polymer as their AR-15 magazines which is, to this point, performing fairly well. ETS has stated that they will be developing these magazines in a variety of capacities for the G26, G19, G17, and up to 33 rounds. They expect retail on the G17 magazine to come in under $20. These are expected to start shipping in April.

ets glock mag

ETS Group AR-15 Magazines

Elite Tactical Systems Group is bringing a interesting new AR-15 magazine to market. Their AR15 Magazine, 30 Round With Coupler has a few features that I haven’t seen applied to AR-15 magazines before.

ETS Group AR-15 Magazine ETS Group AR-15 Magazine Coupled

The most notable feature is the coupling functionality. The magazines can be easily linked together in a way that is functionally similar to Sig 551 magazines though the locking method is different. The placement of the locking structures cause the magazines to be staggered which keeps the spare magazine well clear of the ejection port. There is no limit to how many of the mags can be linked though I would probably stick with just two.

There are other clear magazines on the market but ETS Group seems to be taking a different approach to correct the chipping and cracking issues that often plague clear magazines. Rather than adding metal reinforcement, they are using a polymer that is more flexible than most clear polymers and claim that their magazines are more durable than other notable polymer magazines. Hopefully, this is found to be true in independent testing as well.

These magazines also feature a removable dust cover and a very easily removed floorplate. They are also available without the coupler functionality.

Check out ETS Group’s AR-15 Magazines.

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