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RIGID TQ Case for C-A-T Tourniquet from Eleven 10

I like to imagine that these words were uttered at Eleven 10 HQ when they developed the new RIGID TQ Case for C-A-T Tourniquet: We can rebuild it…we have the technology….

Eleven 10 Gear Rigid

The new RIGID TQ Case is an improved version of Eleven 10’s original Kydex C-A-T Tourniquet Case. Eleven 10 utilized injection molding to make the case more durable and offer additional mounting options. It is now compatible with Blade-Tech, Safariland, Tactical Tailor, and Raven Concealment Systems mounting solutions.

The RIGID TQ Case offers lightning fast deployment and tons of mounting options. Check it out at Eleven 10.

Kangaroo Pouch M4 Mag Pouch with a Twist from Eleven 10 Gear

Most magazine pouch inserts for the kangaroo pouch found on some plate carriers are pretty much the same – 3 magazine slots, Velcro on the front and back, and some shock cord retainer straps. The Triple M4/M16 Mag Insert Pouch from Eleven 10 Gear has a handy feature that sets it apart.

1110Gear Kangaroo Pouch Insert 1 1110Gear Kangaroo Pouch Insert 2

At first glance it looks like every other similar pouch. However, the Triple M4/M16 Mag Insert Pouch has a clever design that allows it to work with 30 round AR-15 magazines and 20 round AR-15 magazines! The pouch has some strategically located hook and loop material that allows it to be folded onto itself. This effectively shortens the pouch to just the right length for use with 20 rounds magazines.

Most of these kangaroo pouches are compatible with just about any insert assuming the dimensions are similar, so the Triple M4/M16 Mag Insert Pouch should work in your kangaroo pouch equipped PC (it will NOT work in the Banshee PC). Check out the Triple M4/M16 Mag Insert Pouch on 1110Gear.com.

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