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Edgar Sherman Designs Rifle Support Bag

The Rifle Support Bag, from Edgar Sherman Designs, is exactly what it sounds like. This versatile rifle bag can be used a number of ways including as a rear support bag under the stock, looped onto the forend of your rifle as a barricade rest, and more.

The bag is made with a flexible fabric that allows to the stretch and conform to your hand and the rifle. It includes an elastic strap for placing over your hand or the forend of your rifle. It’s asymmetric fill media holds its shape better than typical round media and it includes two webbing loops for tying the Rifle Support Bag onto your stock.


Edgar Sherman Design – ESD Sling

The ESD Sling, from Edgar Sherman Design, is a lightweight, adaptable 2-point sling with quick-adjust functionality like many other slings on the market. However, the ESD Sling has a few features that set it apart.

At first glance, the ESD Sling has a ladder lock slider for the quick-adjust feature that is similar to many slings. However, ESD has figured out a way to use the slider so that it operates quickly and smoothly in both directions (both tightening and loosening) while most slings with similar hardware only work well for tightening and bind when the user tries to loosen. They also attach an ITW Zipline Orbit pull that makes the slider easy to grasp.

The ESD Sling also boasts a number of attachment options. The user can spec their ESD Sling with sewn in QD swivels, HK style hooks, loose ends for adding your own hardware, or paracord loops. The paracord option allows the user to tie their sling into their rifle with any length of paracord they choose.

The design has no loose ends and can be folded into its own elastic keeper for storage. Pulling the sling allows it to deploy from its folded position to its full length in a snap.

Check out the ESD Sling at EdwardShermanDesign.com.


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