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Combative Edge M1 Fixed

The M1 Folder is the knife that put Combative Edge on the map. Combative Edge has gone through some changes recently including bringing all of their manufacturing back into the USA. Once again, they leaning on their flagship knife with the introduction of a new version of the M1 – the M1 Fixed.

The M1 Fixed is a fixed blade version of the original M1 folder. It features the same style clip point, recurve blade but it is larger overall than it’s folding counterpart. The blade is 4.5″ long and ground from 3/16″ D2 steel stock.

The handle is very much like the original folding version with a deep first finger groove, small guard, and a flared pommel. The handle features textured G-10 scales to improve grip.

The M1 Fixed is available with a standard bead blast finish or a dark acid wash finish and comes with a kydex sheath. You can check it out at CombativeEdge.com.

Combative Edge Dragon’s Tail

Combative Edge has introduced a new karambit style knife called the Dragon’s Tail. It’s thin, skeletonized design should make it very concealable and it’s leaf shaped blade will be easier to maintain than a more traditional hook shaped karambit blade.

combative edge dragon tail

This knife is ground from .175″ thick D2 tool steel. It is 6.75″ in overall length with a compact 2.3″ blade that should keep it legal in just about any jurisdiction that allows fixed blade carry. The Dragon’s Tail comes with a kydex belt sheath.

Combative Edge Rebel

The Rebel, Combative Edge’s latest production fixed blade, will start shipping next week. This knife is a 10 3/16″ long slab of S30V and textured G-10 goodness. The full height flat ground blade has a distinctive harpoon shape and the handle has enough contours to orient the blade but not lock you into any one grip.

Check out the Rebel pre-order at Combative Edge.

Combative Edge Rebel Combative Edge Rebel Sheath

Combative Edge 2012 Models

Combative Edge is known for offering knife designs that are grounded in the knowledge of what makes a defensive tool. Rob Walker, the man behind Combative Edge, is also an established edged weapon trainer and his knife designs are an outgrowth of his CEMAT system. These designs are also over-built enough to handle just about any utility chore you can throw at them all while costing less than a lot of comparable knives on the market.

Rob redesigned much of his line for 2012 and those knives are now available through his site. They were previously only available for pre-order but they are now in stock and ready to ship. Check out CombativeEdge.com.

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