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Gleipnir Holster Leash from Brown Coat Tactical

Brown Coat Tactical’s newest product, the Gleipnir Holster Leash, allows you to turn your belt holster into an off body carry holster for use inside a bag or pack. It is essentially a static line for your holster.

The Gleipnir consists of a short section of scuba webbing to attach the holster to, a section of paracord, and a split ring. The split ring can be attached to something inside your bag (or other off-body concealment locations). Alternately, you can use other user supplied attachment methods like heavy duty safety pins.

The static line is a concept with which many self defense knife users will be familiar. It is basically a way of attaching a sheath (or in this case a holster) to a fixed object so that when the gun or knife is pulled away from the fixed object, the sheath/holster is stopped by the cord and removed automatically.



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