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Bradshaw Blades Pocket Guillotine

The Bradshaw Blades Pocket Guillotine is going to be a downright nasty little last ditch self-defense option. The images shown are of the prototype and there will be changes when it reaches production.

bradshaw pocket guillotine 2

The Pocket Guillotine is essentially a single finger knuck with a cutting edge. It is made from titanium. The edge is chisel ground and carbidized for edge retention. The production Pocket Guillotine will have additional contours for comfort along with a lanyard hole and bottle opener.

Contact Bradshaw Blades via their Facebook page to put on these nasty little buggers in your hand.

bradshaw pocket guillotine

Bradshaw Blades BASHERS

Get a load of these monsters from Bradshaw Blades. They have designed a set of knuckles that manage to look both comfortable and brutal at the same time. The BASHERS are CNC machined from copper and given a bright brushed finish. The thick copper construction and carefully broken edges ensure they stay comfortable… for the guy wearing them.

bradshaw blades bashers

Copper is a very cool material for this application. I bet they look amazing once a patina starts to form. If you are interested in your own set of BASHERS, head over to the Bradshaw Blades Facebook page to get in touch.

These are available now, with no waiting at Edge/Equipped!

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