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Boresight Solutions Duty Series Glocks

Boresight Solutions is now offering their Duty Series line of customized Glock handguns. They state that these packages will deliver a “Boresight Solutions-quality package at a lower price point and faster turnaround time.” The Duty Series will be available as a package that can be added to a customer’s Glock or as turn-key handguns for purchase from Boresight Solutions or stocking dealers.

Boresight solutions duty series 2 Boresight solutions duty series 1

The Duty Series includes the following…

Frame Work:

  • Boresight Level 1 Reduction
  • Duty Series Glove Bevel
  • Duty Series Magazine Release Scallop (Only Available for Gen 3 Glocks)
  • Duty Series Textured Frame Flats
  • Tang Undercut & Taper
  • Undercut Trigger Guard
  • Finger Grooves Removed
  • 360 Degree Texture
  • Recessed Texture Edge Lines

Slide Work:

  • Front Cocking Serrations
  • Mako Top Serrations
  • Katana Bevel-Optional
  • Boresight Solutions Logo
  • Refinished in Black Nitride


  • Trijicon HD Night Sights (Orange or Yellow)
  • Apex Tactical Flat Face Glock Trigger
  • Ghost Edge 3.5# Connector
  • Vickers Tactical Slide Stop
  • Vickers Tactical Magazine Release

Duty Series grip packages start at $400. Complete slide and frame packages on customer-provided guns start at $1200. You can visit BSGDuty.com for details.

Boresight Solutions Launches New Site

Boresight Solutions is the preeminent name in heat stippling. They are able to achieve a level of polish and refinement that most hobby stipplers can’t even begin to replicate. The result of that quality of work and notoriety is that it can be difficult to get your gun into their hands for work because of a lengthily waiting list. The good news is that they have rolled out a new website that should eventually help with order handling and the better news is that they should be a in a position to take orders again in the next several weeks. Check out Boresight Solutions.

Boresight Solutions New Site

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