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Bootleg Inc Introduces New Products for 2018 at SHOT Show

For immediate release – Boise, ID – Bootleg Incorporated is excited to announce the new additions to the 2018 product lists.

Bootleg Inc. started as a sister company to Primary Weapon Systems in 2015. Unlike the PWS long stroke piston design, Bootleg inc. focuses on the Direct Impingement (DI) systems and developing products that cater to the individual user. The main products over the pas years have been the introduction of PicMod™ technology and the Adjustable Suppressed Carrier.  This year we are excited to announce changes to our product line to allow more versatility.

NEW!! Bootleg Inc. PicLok™Handguard

Bootleg Inc. is now offering our Handguards in a new PicLok™ design. The rails come integrated with the MLOK accessory attachments, but at the front of the rail they will contain both picatinny and MLok. This allows the end user to use multiple accessory attachments and allows you to be able to continue using your favorite attachment methods. The PicLok™ design will be available in 7”, 9.2”, 13.4”, and 15” lengths, and will continue to be mounted with Bravo Companies KMR Mounting Hardware.

NEW!! Bootleg Inc. Full Auto Rated Adjustable Bolt Carrier Group

Bootleg Inc. has also made changes to one of its flagship products. The Adjustable Bolt Carrier is getting a huge upgrade! The Adjustable Bolt Carrier is now Full Auto Rated, and we will be shipping this as a complete carrier group. No need to worry about purchasing a bolt completion kit, because the new carrier will ship 100% ready to rock.  The carrier will also have forward assist serrations for use with compatible upper receivers.  The adjustable BCG will come with the standard 4 setting gas adjustment to tailor to your individual needs; so whether suppressed or unsuppressed this new upgraded carrier will fit perfectly into your collection.

If you have any questions you can visit Bootleg Inc. at www.bootleginc.com, or contact bootleg by emailing customercare@bootleginc.com. If you would rather reach a person you can Call/Text 208-914-3300.

Bootleg Handguard from Bootleg Inc.

With a name like Bootleg, it has to be good.

Bootleg Inc. is a sister company to PWS that was founded in 2015 “with a sole focus on Direct Impingement or DI accessories and builder education.” They offer a number of interesting products but their Bootleg Handguard is the focus of this post. It may look fairly standard at first glance but this handguard is packing a couple of very interesting features.


First, it makes use of the BCM’s KMR barrel nut and mounting system. This is a strong mounting system and there is even an aftermarket for it with companies like V7 Weapons making lighter weight versions of the KMR barrel nut. The Bootleg Handguard accommodates this by being available with or without the barrel nut which is a nice touch for those with already installed KMR rails or who plan to purchase an aftermarket barrel nut.

The other interesting feature found on this handguard is it’s “PicMod Technology”. This clever amalgamation of KeyMod and Picatinny rail allows either attachment method to be used on the same surface. The forward sections of the side rail are given this treatment along with an extended section of the bottom rail. The top rail is an uninterrupted Picatinny rail.


The Bootleg Handguard is fairly light in weight ranging from just 7 ounces for the 9″ version up to 9.6 ounces for the 15″ version including the hardware! This lightweight stems from its aggressively skeletonized, extruded 6061 aluminum construction. 9, 13, and 15″ lengths are available.

Check out the Bootleg Handguard at Bootleg Inc. While you are there, check out their other products too, including their very cool adjustable bolt carrier group that will be especially intriguing for suppressor owners.

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