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Sneak Peek: Bobro Engineering QD Front Grip

Bobro Engineering will launch a new QD Front Grip with a new QD mechanism that they state is “incredibly solid while having the ability to be attached or removed from the weapon in a matter of seconds.”

We also designed this with a skeletonized grip to aid the shooter with weapon stabilization in unconventional positions. You can run your hand through it and grab onto things, loop a sling through it and wrap the loop around a multitude of objects to gain a completely stable shooting position that is fast to enter and exit. The possibilities are endless!


See more, including video, on Bobro Engineering’s Instagram page: @bobroengineering

Bobro Engineering MRO Mounts

Bobro Engineering has been building anticipation of their upcoming Trijicon MRO mounts via their Facebook page for a few weeks. Today, they released the first images of the base mount which will also serve as the low mount. There will be risers available to create absolute and lower 1/3 cowitness setups.

bobro mro low mount 4 bobro mro low mount 3 bobro mro low mount 2 bobro MRO mounts

Trijicon/Bobro Tall Quick Release Mount for Compact ACOGs

If you happen to like Trijicon’s line of compact ACOGs, you probably know that many of the previously available mounting solutions are less than ideal. The previously available mounting solutions were either bulkier and heavier than necessary or sat low enough that they caused more shadowing from the front sight base than some prefer or threw off the BDC calibration of ACOGs like the TA33. Thankfully, there is now a mount available from Trijicon that gives you the best of all worlds.


The Tall Quick Release Mount for Compact ACOGs (AC12027) is manufactured by Bobro Engineering for Trijicon. It is the same height as the original TA60 mount (1.660″ from top of rail to center of optic) that is provided with many of the compact ACOGs but it is considerably more compact and also offers Bobro’s excellent QD capability. Bobro’s ingenious mounting system is robust, repeats zero, and self-adjusts to most 1913 rails. This mount is exactly what I have been looking for and I have one on the way for my TA33.

Check out the Tall Quick Release Mount for Compact ACOGs from Trijicon.

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