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Free Bic Sheaths at Blade Rigs

What do you do with a bazillion Kydex scraps? Well, if you are the good folks at Blade Rigs, you make them into slick Bic lighter sheaths and give them away. You can get a free Bic sheath with any order at Blade Rigs while supplies last.

This would be a great time to pick up some of the best sheaths around for defensive fixed blade knife carry.

Bladerigs Leatherman Wave OWB Pouch

Bladerigs created a very slick Leatherman Wave sheath for a friend and it turned out so well that they are offering it for sale. The sheath is unique in that it can hold the multitool whether it is open or closed! It can even secure the tool via a soft loop with snap in either position. That is slick and very, very handy.

The sheath includes a large Tek-Lok to attach it to your belt/gear. Check out the Leatherman Wave OWB Pouch at Bladerigs.

bladerigs multitool sheath

Blade Rigs Expands Line of Non-Metallic Knives

The Blade Rigs Bloodguppy is one of the best designed non-metallic knives on the market and as a bonus it comes with one of Blade Rig’s functional sheath systems. Blade Rigs has recently expanded their line of non-metallic knives to include 3 sizes of Bloodguppy (original, micro, and XL) and a new larger knife called the Orca.

Each of the knives is available in a package with a sheath that is appropriate to the size of the knife and the most likely carry method. Some also have available trainers that may be purchased separately or as part of a package with the live knife and sheath. Check out all the non-metallic offerings at Blade Rigs.

Blade Rigs Orca with sheath and trainer

Blade Rigs Orca with sheath and trainer

Blade Rigs Bloodguppy XL with sheath

Blade Rigs Bloodguppy XL with sheath

Blade Rigs Karambite Sheath

Blade Rigs has created a new sheath for the Max Venom designed Karambite. If you are familiar with the knife, you know how small it is and that small size can present a challenge when trying to create a sheath that keeps the knife accessible. Blade Rigs solved that problem by anchoring the sheath behind the belt and positioning most of the knife up above the belt line. This design allows the belt to stabilize the sheath and the wing turns the knife in toward the wearer for concealment.

Check out the Blade Rigs Karambite sheath.


Boker Newton Martin K-Bit & Pocket Sheath Package from Blade Rigs

Blade Rigs makes some of the most purpose driven knife sheaths available. They excel at developing sheaths for small, self-defense oriented knives and often offer packages that bundle a knife with one of their sheaths. Their latest such package includes the Boker Newton Martin K-Bit and one of their pocket sheaths.


The Newton Martin K-Bit is a compact karambit design that will pretty much disappear in your pocket. The sheath is designed to be compact enough to compliment the K-Bit. It features a large thumb tab that can be used to push the sheath off with your thumb or caught on your pocket during the draw.

Check out the Boker Newton Martin K-Bit & Pocket Sheath Package from Blade Rigs.


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