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Everyone’s Favorite Droid Mags from Bad Element Co.

If you aren’t following the Bad Element Co. MAM (Mag a Month), you are missing out on tons of fun. Their latest creation is a cut down, 15 round capacity PMAG with a some color applied in strategic places to look like everyone’s favorite droid, R2. The coolest feature is the small “eye” near the top of the magazine that turns red when the magazine low on ammo.


Bad Element Co. Launches New Website and eStore

Bad Element Co. – the AK mag alchemists – has launched a new website with eStore to make it even easier to put your hands on their creations. You’ll find all kind of cool stuff on the site like Bad Element Co. merchandise, their world famous 1 Rd Kalash Bottle Openers, the next “Mag a Month”, and more. When they have extra shortened 20 round mags, 60 round extendo mags, or other functional AK art creations, you might find those too.

Check out BadElement.co

1 Shot AK Magazines/Bottle Openers from Bad Element Co.

Bad Element Co. is like the AK Magazine Whisperer. He can massage a roughly machined piece of ComBloc steel into a work of art but sometimes the mags are a little too rough to coax anything out of them… Anything except maybe the worlds coolest bottle opener.

Every once in a while, Bad Element Co. turns tired old magazines that would otherwise be relegated to the trash bin into bottle openers. They are basically cut down to a size that you could almost consider carrying as a key chain and modified so that the spring, follower, and baseplate can be re-installed. Then a split ring is added so you can attach some keys. You use the feed lips to pry off the bottle caps with ease (it works, you can test it with your regular AK mags right now… go ahead).

The best part is that these bottle openers still work as a magazines! They will hold 1 round, lock into your AK, feed, and fire.

You can check out Bad Element Co. at their website. If you want one of these very limited bottle openers, your best bet is to watch their Instagram page for when they are available or get in touch directly.

Bad-Element Co – Analog Gauge Window Magazine Cut

Bad-Element Co creates custom AK magazines including California legal conversions, custom magazine chops that turn 30 round magazines into more compact 20 round magazines, and even custom window cuts. Their work is very clean and can be quite handy if you live in an AWB state, or… Maybe you just want something unique like, say, a 20 round Russian Bakelite or a Chinese Flat Back with a window cut that lets you view how many rounds are left in the magazine. It’s what they do.

They recently took their craft to a whole new level with their Analog Gauge Window Magazine Cut. It’s is absolutely incredible. Let the picture wash over you for a second.

bad element co round counter

They have cut away the side of the magazine with three windows running from top to bottom. The body of the magazine is marked with hash marks and Arabic numerals. The follower is cut and carefully bent so that a small pointer actually slides outside the body of the magazine to point at the hash marks.

It may not be the most practical magazine in the world but who cares? This is a display of hardcore craftsmanship for the sake of being a hardcore craftsman. It’s part AK mag, part art installation and it’s all awesome.

You can learn more about Bad-Element Co’s services on their website and their Facebook page.


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