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ATLAS Gen 5 Achilles Trauma Kit Ankle Band

ATLAS is now offering the 5th generation of their Achilles Trauma Kit Ankle Band. The new version adds capacity and retention features while still keeping a thin, minimalist profile.

The new features include an additional 1.5″ sleeve and a removable retention strap for the 4″ bandage pocket. The Achilles Gen 5 retains the clever internal rescue hook sleeve of its predecessor. It is available on its own or pre-stocked with supplies as a kit.


ATLAS INFIX IWB Holster Anchor

The ATLAS INFIX IWB Holster Anchor could be a handy addition to your EDC gear. It is basically a hook backed accessory that allows you to mount your IWB holster to a loop panel like those found in many EDC backpacks. The open loop design of the INFIX IWB Anchor allows you to place it in your bag and then quickly mount or remove clipped IWB holsters. Holsters with other attachment systems like soft loops can also be used.

ATLAS INFIX IWB Holster Anchor

ATLAS Gen 4 ACHILLES Trauma Kit Ankle Band

The ATLAS Gen 4 ACHILLES Trauma Kit Ankle Band has some functionality that you won’t find on any other trauma pouch for ankle carry. It is constructed almost entirely out of 5″ wide heavy duty elastic so it can stretch to fit and retain a wide variety of kit components. This 16″ long band has sewn in pockets for items like dressings and a dedicated tourniquet pocket. It also features an integral tarpaulin sheath for items like Benchmade Rescue Hooks or trauma shears. Finally, a laser cut, MOLLE compatible panel provides a way to attach an additional pouch should you need to add another item like an additional tourniquet.

The Gen 4 ACHILLES Trauma Kit Ankle Band is made right here in the USA by Snake Eater Tactical for ATLAS Consulting Group. You can find it at StrongLikeBeetle.com.

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